Fredonia taking new look at rental law

Fredonia officials are taking another look at a law regulating housing rentals in the village.

Rejected by the Board of Trustees in October amid a community uproar, the law was mainly intended to create a registry of landlords and renters to assist emergency services and code enforcement.

This time around, Scott Mackay, who heads up the Fredonia Planning Board, is taking the lead on revisions to the rejected law. He gave a brief report to the Board of Trustees Monday on his efforts.

On the topic of revisions, he said “there’s quite a few of them,” but did not specify what they were. The Planning Board is meeting at 5:30 p.m. today in the village hall for more discussion of the issue and Mackay indicated he would have more to say there.

“I’m glad you’re moving forward with it,” Trustee James Lynden said to Mackay.

Mayor Athanansia Landis said she wanted to focus on two things in the law: the registrations and a requirement for landlords who live more than two counties away to hire a property manager. On the registrations, she dropped her previous support for a renters’ registry and said, “It has nothing to do with the tenant, just the owner.”