E-Z Self Storage looks to expand

OBSERVER Photo by J.M. Lesinski Pictured, the front gate of E-Z Self Storage in Silver Creek.

SILVER CREEK — Business for one local storage facility has been so good this past year that they’re looking to add a second building to the grounds. E-Z Self Storage came to the town board in May with plans to add a second building to the lot.

Randy Feinen of E-Z Self Storage spoke to the board about the plans last Monday, noting that the current facility was ‘basically full.’ “We have a self-storage down here, Easy Self-Storage, which is basically full now,” Feinen stated. “So we’re looking to open another building…almost as big, 40 x 160, the current one is 40 x 200.”

Feinen went on to inquire about the town board waiving the permit fee. “Kind of our hold up on it is the permit fee, it is excessive compared to other communities in the area,” he noted. “Sheridan is about $900, North Collins is $1,000 flat rate…I payed the fee last year, which was approximately $2,500, so we’re looking to just build essentially the same building, just 40 feet shorter and we’re looking for the town to waive the permit fee.”

The building is planned on the same property, located on Hanford Road in Silver Creek off Routes 5 and 20. “That’s what we’re looking for, a continuation of our existing permit to be able to build another building under that permit…it’ll be on the same property inside the same fence,” Feinen said, adding. “The next building would be built on the south side, uphill from Napa (Auto).”

Feinen also added, “We’re about 90% full right now, which is ahead of where I expected to be, which is nice, it’s a nice problem to actually be full…We’d like to get started in June, the crew that built the previous building will be available to start about June 20.”

Following Feinen’s statements, Supervisor Todd Johnson asked, “Approximately how many more units would that be?”

In response, Feinen provided a break-down of the planned outline. “It’s about 30-some units, about 35 I believe,” he replied. “The (current) building has 52 because it has 5 x 10 units. It’s got eight 5 x 10 units, and those are the least popular, big units went first. All the 30 x 10 and 10 x 10 units have been gone for a long time. I’ve got three 10 x 20 units left.”

Off that note, Feinen added, “I’m not going to put any more 5 x 10 units into this building, we’re just looking to put in bigger units basically, 10 x 20s, 10 x 30s, 10 x 15s and 10 x 10s.”

With the information provided, and many in the room nodding with approval, Johnson seemed optimistic in his reply to Feinen. “Excellent, that’s something that we will have to go over with council and review,” he stated. “At that point, we will get back to you.”


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