Habitat for Humanity dedicates house in Silver Creek

OBSERVER Photo by J.M. Lesinski The finished Habitat for Humanity House, located at 29 Monroe Street in Silver Creek.

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SILVER CREEK — Saturday, June 8, was a glorious day for the proud new homeowners of 29 Norton St., Silver Creek. It was warm, sunny and the newly seeded yard was filled with many volunteers who worked on the house, some new neighbors, several members of the Board of Directors and family members of the late Frank Koletar who donated over 600 hours of his time working on Habitat houses in the village.

Pastor Thomas Burian of First United Presbyterian Church led the group in a prayer of thanksgiving for the completion of this house and for the many people who made it possible, including those who helped build it, those who brought refreshments to the site each week and to those who donated money for the materials used in construction.

Dave Kurzawa led the program and said, “We have a very special guest here today, the person who made this house possible. Ann Curry donated this house to Habitat even though she had an offer from someone to purchase it. As she was signing the papers to turn the house over to us, a man drove up and offered her cash for her property. Ann responded that she had already made a promise and that the house would go to Habitat. What an honorable person she is!”

Jessica Patti, Dan Woods and their children Damien and Aria now have a beautiful rehabilitated house where they can live safely and securely for as long as they choose to stay there. They no longer must worry about a landlord’s signal to move out a raise in rent or a fear of unsafe conditions in their home. The mortgage that they pay assures them that they have equity in their home, and that they have a reason to keep up their property to assure its value.

Submitted Photo Ann Curry and her grandson are pictured with parents Jessica Patti and Dan Woods and their children Damien and Aria.

The Village of Silver Creek now has another property on the tax rolls at a higher value than it was before Habitat renovated it. The neighborhood is improved by the change from a stressed house to one that inspires others to improve their properties too. The people who worked on the house, all volunteers, saw their investment of time and talent appreciated and praised. It was truly a time for expressions of gratitude.

And it was also a time for reflection about Frank Koletar, a man who donated time, skills — both manual and teaching skills, expertise and talent to the construction of all five Habitat houses, and even one in Jamestown. Frank passed away in January and is sorely missed by those who had the privilege of working with him. His family was present to witness the naming of the house for Frank. A plaque was placed over the front window for all visitors to see and to remember him.

CAHfH will continue its construction efforts on another house in the village, starting in late August or early September. In the meantime, there is a house being renovated now at 127 Union St., Westfield, and a new house is being constructed at 27 Norton Street, Jamestown. Volunteers are needed for all of the projects.

Interested people can call 934-9543 or visit Habitat’s website, www.habitatchaut.org, or go to the Facebook page to learn more about these projects in Chautauqua County.


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