Village gets update on projects

SILVER CREEK — Construction and repair projects continue to be a hot topic in the village.

Mayor Jeffrey Hornburg provided an update on progress repairing the sidewalk in front of Food King, which was warped by a water break during the spring. “Hopefully … we’re going to get concrete for downtown in front of Food King,” he said. “And we’ll get that cleaned up and done so we can remove the barricades down there and move forward.”

Trustee Warren Kelly also provided an update on the village fountain project. “The village fountain was delayed until June 10 because of schedule conflicts,” he noted. After the meeting, Hornburg also made note that the concrete will take a full month to set before the project is fully completed.

Additionally, the purchase of a new plow truck for the village seems to have hit a snag, as the truck may not be ready until the winter months. “I spoke with Mr. (Steve) D’Angelo (Hanover Highway Superintendent) this morning and finalized the quote for the new plow truck,” Hornburg stated. “You might want to call it a new brush truck though because it could be up to a nine-month wait to get the thing built and delivered.”

When asked by Kelly if any other trucks were available for purchase, Hornburg commented, “We’ll be working on that, we’re going to see if we can’t slide into a bill slot somewhere closer nearby.”

In other news, the board appointed Dwayne Haskins as part-time village zoning officer, effective as of May 23, and John Munch was appointed a full-time, maintenance equipment operator and DPW employee by the board, effective June 3.

The next meeting of the Silver Creek Village Board will be Monday, June 17 at 7 p.m.