Flaherty appointed Cassadaga deputy mayor

OBSERVER Photo by J.M. Lesinski The Cassadaga Village Board, pictured at its July 2 meeting, reads over the minutes from June’s session before moving into new business.

CASSADAGA — The village board did some shuffling around in terms of duties at their July 2 meeting.

Mayor Bill Astry nominated Trustee Cindy Flaherty to his former position of deputy mayor during his comments. “We need to appoint Cindy (Flaherty) as the deputy mayor,” Astry stated. “I’ll make the motion.”

The board, save for Trustees Amanda Kalfas and Theresa Seibert, who were absent from the meeting, unanimously approved Flaherty’s new appointment.

Astry also went on to note that his former duties as a trustee would be shifting to newly appointed Trustee Bill Dorman. “Bill (Dorman) is going to take over my duties as a trustee,” Astry added. “I believe it’s the streets and water (committees).”

The board also set the date for a public hearing on Local Law #1 of 2019, as part of the village’s commitment to be part of Tree City USA. “We have to set a public hearing for the local law, which will be the next meeting,” Astry said of the hearing. “The meeting would be July 17 at 7 p.m. during our regular meeting.”

As the village moves forward with its designation as a Tree City, grants from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) will become available and the next step that will follow in the process is an inventory of the trees, as well as an endorsement to move forward in conjunction with Lily Dale.

In other news, Highway Superintendent Sam Alaimo gave an update on the ongoing Dale Drive project. “The Dale Drive project seems to be going pretty smooth,” Alaimo noted. “Not too many complaints. … When they’re milling they move right out.”

Alaimo also commented that the village’s new street sweeper had arrived in the village and was ready for use. “Our street sweeper got delivered by the county, free of charge,” he added in closing.