Fowl fatalities: Dead birds litter city streets

For the past several weeks an unusual occurrence has been happening around a three-to-four-block radius of Save-a-Lot: the unexplained multiple deaths of birds.

Most of those lost have been Gulls, a protected species by the U.S, Fish and Wildlife Service under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. Several concerned citizens have shared their worries as bodies litter the streets and parking lots in the vicinity of the downtown area.

While the situation is unsettling, it took a darker turn on Wednesday, when an individual shared a video with the OBSERVER of birds eating from a pile of seed near the plaza, three of them promptly dropping dead in front of her. Calls were made to the city of Dunkirk Police Department as well as Director of Public Works Randy Woodbury to make them aware of the growing epidemic — both said they’d make some calls and look into it.

Third Ward Councilman Shaun Heenan expressed his concern as well, “I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ll make some calls to the DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation),” he stated in a call to the OBSERVER. “I heard they’re nesting on the roof and there are dead ones all over up there as well.”

Heenan went on to mention that he hopes to bring it up at the Common Council meeting Tuesday, now that the situation seems to have escalated.