Fredonia officials discuss generator

Fredonia’s generator at Village Hall is fixed — sort of.

Mayor Athanasia Landis told the Board of Trustees at its meeting Monday, “Apparently the transfer switch is not working.” That’s the part that automatically moves generated power into the Village Hall electrical system.

Trustee Michael Barris, who has been highly critical of what he sees as the village’s negligence in dealing with the generator — originally damaged in March — said bluntly, “Fix it.” Landis responded, “That makes sense.”

Police Chief Brad Meyers was not present to answer questions about the generator. But when Trustee Doug Essek asked if it was usable or not, Landis asserted that it is “up to a point — it must be manually switched on.”

Tony Gugino, Department of Public Works chief, stated, “They are trying to find a comparable transfer switch that will work temporarily.”

Meyers is the village official who is the point man on the generator issue, but Gugino said “we are sharing as much information as we can.” He said the transfer switch will be replaced entirely when a new generator goes in. The process of going out to bid for such a generator has only just begun.

Gugino also discussed the Central Avenue project. He announced earlier Monday paving will be delayed until Wednesday, because today is supposed to be a rainy day.

He made a call for people to avoid the street Wednesday and Thursday. “It’s so much better the less traffic there is,” he said. “The more people can divert for a day, part of another day possibly, the better it will be for the project.”

Noting he had to close Central Avenue at one point while it was getting milled, Gugino threatened to do it again unless drivers behave. “I might be forced to shut the avenue down — I don’t want to do that,” he said.