Lakeside Park brawl sends one to hospital

OBSERVER Phtoo by J.M. Lesinski Pictured, a Chautauqua County sheriff speak with park residents about an alleged brawl at Lakeside Park.

An early evening fight that broke out at Lakeside Park in Dunkirk has reportedly put one man in the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries to his hands.

The fight, which was initially reported as a possible stabbing, called both the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office and Dunkirk Police to the scene. The OBSERVER also witnessed one New York State Police vehicle with it’s emergency lights on in the immediate vicinity.

One Chautauqua County sheriff deputy spoke briefly with the OBSERVER at the scene, and stated, “This was just a fight that got out of hand, no stabbing.”

Further down Lakeshore Drive, the OBSERVER spoke with Dunkirk Police Sgt. Doug Switzer, at a separate location where a vehicle had been pulled over that was reportedly involved in the incident.

“We were called to assist the (Chautauqua County) Sheriff’s Department at Lakeside Trailer Park in the town for just a fight,” Switzer stated. “As we were responding, this vehicle passed us at a high rate of speed.”

OBSERVER Photo by J.M. Lesinski Pictured, a Chautauqua County sheriff deputy collects evidence at the scene of a reported fight at Lakeside Park.

The vehicle, a black Dodge truck, was confirmed to be part of the incident at Lakeside Park. “We stopped it and realized it was part of the fight out there,” Switzer said. “He was bleeding pretty good from the hands. At this time, he’s being transported to the hospital.”

No identifying information was given on the man taken to the hospital, nor were any other victims/suspects visible or identified in patrol cars at the scene. Fresh tire marks could be seen pulling away from the trailer where the incident occurred, possibly indicating a vehicle had sped away quickly.

“No life-threatening (injuries) right now,” Switzer also noted. “Right now, it’s a two-department investigation, so we’re trying to figure out what they have out there, and what we have down here.”

Closing out his comments, Switzer noted, “Right now, we don’t have any charges until we figure out more.”

OBSERVER City Editor Jo Ward contributed to this story.