Reported stabbing remains mystery

OBSERVER Staff Report

An incident believed to be a stabbing in the city of Dunkirk has left many questions unanswered and many details up for speculation.

What is known is that at roughly 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, a possible stabbing was reported at 208 S Gazelle Street in the upper portion of the apartment involved.

The report was also labeled Advanced Life Support (ALS), which denotes the involvement of life-saving protocols and skills that extend beyond Basic Life Support (BLS) to further support circulation and/or provide an open airway and breathing support.

Responding agencies reported included the Dunkirk Police Department, the Dunkirk Fire Department and Chautauqua County EMS.

When asked if there was a stabbing, a representative from the Dunkirk Police Department told the OBSERVER, “Mmhmm,” in a phone interview, followed by, “I can’t release any further information on that.”