Brocton OKs several school positions

BROCTON — The Brocton Central School district Board of Education approved several individuals for tenure at the latest meeting of the Brocton Board of Education.

The board approved April Tye for a tenured position in the elementary special education area, effective Nov. 18. The board also approved Elizabeth Antolina for a tenured position in the school district administration area, effective Nov. 29.

The board also approved Amber McIntyre as a teacher aide for the Pre-K class, as well as approving Fonda Kawski as an elementary school volunteer and Cynthia James to the probationary position of business and marketing teacher in the special subject tenure area of business and marketing for a probationary period commencing on Oct. 1 and ending on Sept. 30, 2023.

The board also approved the following substitute list for the 2019-2020 school year:

¯ Tiffany Marczynski (teacher aide, office)

¯ Hannah Nichols (teacher aide, teacher assistant)

¯ Dawn Raynor (teacher aide, teacher assistant, bus aide)

¯ Julie Morrison (certified teacher)

¯ Shauna McGuay (uncertified teacher)

¯ Alla McMurray (uncertified teacher)

¯ Meghan Roberts (uncertified teacher)

¯ Ann Marie Prentice (uncertified teacher)

¯ Jaclyn Spiezia (uncertified teacher)

¯ Charles Jones (certified teacher)

¯ Brandon Mecklenburg (uncertified teacher, teacher assistant)

¯ Glory Aponte (bus aide)

¯ Lori Franklin (uncertified teacher)

¯ Maria Crisafulli (uncertified teacher, teaching assistant)

¯ Cheryl Houser (teacher aide, bus aide)

¯ Larry Meginnis (uncertified teacher)

¯ Kenya Stanton (uncertified teacher, teacher aide, teaching assistant).

The board also acknowledged a donation from Robert and Marilyn Hall of an elliptical machine that has been placed in the pool seating area for students to utilize who are unable to participate in pool class.

The next meeting of the Brocton Central School district Board of Education will be Wednesday at 6 p.m.


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