City secures $600,000 grant for water line improvements

Help from the state

Submitted Photo City of Dunkirk employees work on a water line in the city.

Mayor Willie Rosas has announced that more state funding is coming to the city of Dunkirk. A $600,000 grant, given by Governor Andrew Cuomo, will assist the city in removing old lead fittings and pipes.

“I am excited and pleased to announce that once again, Governor Cuomo has granted the city of Dunkirk with needed funds,” Rosas stated. “His support of me and the residents of this city are never ending and I am proud of our mutual relationship.”

The city of Dunkirk was one of 18 municipalities out of the 3,400 that the governor selected for these funds. “It is due to our city’s high quality drinking water and our pioneering regional North County Water District that Governor Cuomo has chosen the city of Dunkirk as one of 18 of New York State’s 3,400 active governments to receive approximately $600,000 from the State Health Department to accelerate removal of lead fittings of our water lines,” Rosas added.

“We have already begun doing this as a precaution such as with the new CDBG-paid water lines on Hoyt Street and Seel Street,” Director of Public Works, Randy Woodbury said. “All cities have old lead fittings that could pose future problems. In Dunkirk, the fittings are protected because the water from Lake Erie is of consistent high quality and essentially all impurities or corrosive agents are filtered out by activated carbon. However, even with non-corrosive high-quality water, it is best to remove the lead.”

“Because of the governor’s special help, we can now remove the old lead lines on Bataan Avenue and the 700 block of Washington Avenue, and allow us to also get those areas freshly paved as well,” Rosas commented.

Mayor Rosas credits Chief Operator Robert Lawrie, Chemist Kyle Schuster, and Supervisor Rob Curry for the continued success of the Dunkirk water system.

“I feel these individuals, along with our Public Works Director, Randy Woodbury, are doing a great service to this city, and their expertise and willingness to ensure the high quality of our water is greatly appreciated.”


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