1941 grad makes special return trip to Brocton

Submitted photo The Shaffer sisters visit Brocton High School where Nelda graduated from 78 years ago.

Special to the OBSERVER

Nelda Shaffer Crumps’ family moved from Buffalo to Brocton when she was in the second grade until eighth grade, but because Brocton school only offered the basic classes, the family moved to Portland.

She and her classmates had to take a Greyhound bus to Westfield High. When Brocton High School was completed, she was a junior and the family moved back to Brocton to finish out her high school years. Neldas’ class was the first to graduate, completing a full year at Brocton High School in 1941.

Nelda and Wanda were excited to get a tour of the Brocton Central School on Sept. 20 by superintendent, Jason Delcamp.

“Mr. Delcamp gave us a very informative tour of the old and new parts of the school,” Crumps stated. “It brought back a lot of great memories.”

While in town the village opened up the museum and two different Pats gave them a tour.

“It’s amazing how they moved the old train station and turned it into a museum,” Crumps added. “We were interested in all the things the museum had to offer.”

The sisters had some pictures of some old firemen they brought with them, which their father, Wilbur Shaffer was the fire chief at one time.

Nelda grew up with Bradley Anderson, his wife being one of her best friends; so she was excited to learn everything about marmaduke. In addition to all the attention received, the current owners of the house Wanda and Nelda grew up in also gave them a tour of their old home.

Overall, Nelda and Wanda had a great time walking down memory lane. The Shaffer sisters would like to thank everyone for being so kind.


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