PHOTO GALLERY: Christmas season arrives in Fredonia

324 - One of the booths had cookies and ornament decorating for the kids at the event.
Santa's helpers, Collage dancers, walk around the block during the parade, singing carols along the way.
At the Grange, the children were working on some arts and crafts.
Children had fun decorating gingerbread houses at the Miracle on Main Street event.
Santa and Mrs. Claus are seen waving to everybody during the parade.
Santa, Mrs. Claus and Santa's helpers all gathered around the tree to light it in Fredonia during the Miracle on Main Street event.

Even without the snow, it was a winter wonderland in Fredonia as the Miracle on Main Street event took place. During the day, there were multiple activities going on, such as gingerbread house decorating, a craft show, carriage rides as well as arts and crafts for kids.

At dusk, there was a parade that came from the Opera House and rounded around the block to end at the gazebo in the park. The parade featured one of village’s fire trucks, Collage dancers as Santa’s helpers and Santa and Mrs. Clau on a horse-drawn carriage.

Once they got to the gazebo, Santa, Mrs. Claus and Santa’s helpers all gathered together in the gazebo in front of the tree to light it. With the crowd holding their candles and everybody counting down from five, the tree was lit.

After that, caroling was led by Carmen Quinones.

Everybody sang together with their candles lit. It was truly the Miracle on Main Street.