Gowanda High School December Students of the Month

Amy Haggart

Several students from Gowanda High School were recognized as Students of the Month for December 2019 for emulating The 4 C’s: creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication, which are integral to the district’s mission.

Jordan Smith, a freshman, was singled out for his critical thinking skills and creative, clever problem-solving abilities. He is able to think outside the box and share his thoughts and perspectives with his peers, helping them see ideas from a different point of view.

Amy Haggart, a sophomore, was recognized for her critical thinking and being a hard worker who always tries to figure out a problem on her own. She gladly helps others when asked and is a pleasure to have in class.

Zoey Kota, a junior, was appreciated for her critical thinking skills and creativity in exploring multiple potential solutions to problems.

Rowan Mently-Peters, a junior, was hailed for his critical thinking and demonstrating a willingness and aptitude for analyzing problems and working out details of implementation in a Jamestown Community College computer programming class.

Aley Le-Tran

Kayla Forthman, a junior, was lauded for her communication skills in Spanish class, where her presentations are always above the required amount for speaking. She presents in language that can be easily understood by her peers.

Josh Enser, a senior, was singled out for his critical thinking skills and ability to dissect a situation and present compelling information. His assignments consistently show in-depth and innovative content.

Aley Le-Tran, a senior, was appreciated for her creativity as editor of the 2020 Valley Bugle yearbook. She is responsible for the overall content and the development of the annual book. Her artistic talent has been instrumental in the beginning stages of production.

Congratulations to these outstanding Panthers on this well-deserved recognition and also to our Student Council for this positively Panther news.

Rowan Mentley-Peters

Zoey Kota

Kayla Forthman

Josh Enser

Jordan Smith