Turning 11 in Silver Creek still special

Birthday celebrations

Jalyn Smith stood in her driveway as friends and family drove by to show support. Submitted Photo.

SILVER CREEK — No matter what your age, birthday parties are being frowned upon for the time being. While that may be alright with some of the older crowd, it’s taking a toll on the younger generation.

Like everybody else, they have lost their normalcy of going to school and seeing their friends.

On Sunday, Jalyn Smith turned 11. To celebrate, her family planned a drive-by birthday where her friends could wave, show signs of support and just share a smile due to the worries surrounding the coronavirus.

Her grandmother, Sheryl Davis, said the event took place around 3 p.m. She said the plan was “to see them, say hello and wave, yell or scream or whatever 10- and 11-year-olds will do having built up cabin fever for a few weeks now.”

It was not a perfect start. Unsettled weather conditions with winds and clouds began the party. But once the sun came out, Jalyn’s spirits — from seeing her friends — brightened.

A friend rides by with a sign for Jalyn's 11th birthday. Submitted Photo.

“It was awesome,” Davis said. “It really made her day.”


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