Parade replaces rally for cancer victim

Members of Ron Griewisch’s family display their signs of support at the parade held for him in Silver Creek on Saturday. Submitted Photos

SILVER CREEK — Benefit on parade.

On Saturday, the Silver Creek Fire Department took their benefit on the road as a parade was held for Ron Griewisch. Griewisch, an active member of the Silver Creek Fire Department as the sergeant-at-arms and president of the Silver Creek Fire Department Fire Police, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer which had further spread to his kidneys. The group ‘Rally for Ron’ was originally going to hold a benefit on April 25 to help Ron, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, they were forced to change plans.

Instead of meeting for a benefit that would put Griewisch and others’ health in jeopardy, another way to help had to be devised. What they came up with was the parade carried out on Saturday.

At 4:15 p.m., 16 fire apparatuses, ambulances and a whopping 57 personal vehicles gathered at the Fire Hall in Silver Creek on Central Ave., then from there without anyone having to exit their vehicles, the parade was led past Griewisch’s house on Adams Street in Silver Creek. The parade was a success in lifting Griewisch’s spirits who has had a real bad string of luck with his health. Among the parade participants was the Silver Creek Fire Department, Silver Creek Emergency, Sunset Bay Fire, Hanover Hose, Irving Fire, Forestville Fire and Cattaraugus Indian Reservation Fire Department.

Griewisch’s family told the OBSERVER, “We’re so very grateful for all the love and support shown to us. Our eyes were filled with tears of amazement and gratitude.”

Griewisch watches the parade go by from inside his truck.

Griewisch was able to sit in his truck and wave at everyone passing by. The family further extended its thanks to everyone who participated and showed their love.

In 2018, Griewisch was first diagnosed with lung cancer and has been fighting it since. This past December, his team of doctors at Roswell decided to try and remove the tumor in his right lung. Unfortunately, the tumor was too large and the entire lung had to be removed instead.

After the removal of the lung, Griewisch and his family were dealt more devastating news. Just a month later, the cancer metastasized (spread to other sites of the body by metastasis) and is now in his left lung and both adrenal glands on both kidneys.

In order to help Griewisch in these trying times, friends and family of his — many from the Silver Creek Fire Department — decided to put on a benefit for him that would help him financially and give him comfort through this experience. The original benefit was planned in March prior to acceleration of the coronavirus pandemic, but even with the pandemic, people still wanted to help out Griewisch.

“We didn’t know what else to do for him, but we knew we wanted to do something,” stated Colleen Griewisch, sister-in-law of Griewisch and ‘Rally for Ron’ organizer.

The parade makes its way to Griewisch’s home. As shown in the picture, the length of the parade stretched from the top of Oak Hill to Tops Markets in Silver Creek.

With the cancellation of the benefit, the parade served as a great replacement to lift Griewisch’s spirits. Despite there not being an in-person benefit, individuals are still able to donate to Griewisch and his family. If you wish to help by making a monetary donation, you can write a check to Ron Griewisch Benefit and that can be mailed to or dropped off at the M&T Bank located at 10 Main St., Silver Creek, NY 14136.


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