PHOTO GALLERY: Hundreds march in peaceful rally in city

The three young women who organized the event, Gabrielle Hart, Jericha Petrella, and Yuribeth Castro. OBSERVER Photo by Natasha Matteliano
Protesters with posters reading, "Say his name," and "Justice for murders." OBSERVER Photo by Natasha Matteliano
Tesla Texidor, an unscheduled speaker, spoke of the inequalities that black people face in their day to day lives.
Loretta Slaton Torain spoke on Saturday.
County Executive PJ Wendel had a short speech for the rally as well.
Attorney for the City of Dunkirk Richard Morrisroe spoke passionately about the lives lost due to inequality.
Chief of Police David Ortolano spoke of the tight-knit community Dunkirk.
Mayor Wilfred Rosas speaks during the Black Lives Matter rally.
A snapshot of the crowd marching down Central Avenue. OBSERVER Photo by Natasha Matteliano
Gabrielle Hart, Jericha Petrella, and Yuribeth Castro bow their heads in prayer before the march.
Walter Rutland poses with David Ortolano, Chief of Police in the City of Dunkirk.

Hundreds of residents participated in a rally in Dunkirk. The peaceful rally began at the Dunkirk Pier and moved to City Hall along Central Avenue and began at 11 a.m.

The rally was held in response to other rallies and protests around the country regarding the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.


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