Mayor Rosas to veto new resolution

Dunkirk Mayor Wilfred Rosas will be vetoing the Common Council resolution that approved a $7,500 raise and a position in the union for a paralegal position.

In a news release issued Thursday, the mayor said council’s actions Tuesday regarding this position will ultimately create a conflict of interest while also costing the city more money in the years to come. “These decisions that impact the city taxpayers are being made for the wrong reasons,” he said when discussing the position that was created as a management confidential post.

This also creates a dilemma for this city if lawsuits are filed by employees. “You can’t be part of the union and be involved with these issues,” Rosas said. “It’s a direct conflict of interest.”

Though Rosas knows council has the support to override the veto, he believes taxpayers need to be aware that council’s actions will be detrimental to the budget’s bottom line for years to come. “It was careless and it will be costly to the city taxpayers,” the mayor said. “They never consulted or allowed for myself or the fiscal affairs officer to be involved in the decision.”

Additionally, Rosas said the appointed city attorney Richard Morrisroe and the elected treasurer Mark Woods were left out of the discussion regarding the position.

Rosas also questioned when council gathered publicly to discuss this position, since no public meetings were held on this issue. “They never called for a meeting … there was no public session that I was aware of,” he said.

Council’s actions Tuesday also continue the gridlock that began in January between the mayor and this legislative body. “I know they are on a mission to attack me and bring down my department heads,” he said. “It’s not about the employee. She does a decent job. I was going to increase her salary at the budget review time.”

Rosas also acknowledged the budget deficit that Dunkirk is facing in 2021 due to lost revenues from the shutdown caused by COVID-19. “This council is working harder for the unions than they are for the city taxpayers,” he said. “In my first four years as mayor I negotiated fairly with the union and never had to raise taxes,” he concluded. “With this council, it is out of control.”


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