Noise ordinance passed by Hanover town board

HANOVER — A noise ordinance to help combat against use of a propane cannons was passed this week by the Hanover Town Board.

The local law is to control excessive, unnecessary and unreasonable noise in the town of Hanover.

Before the board voted on the matter, deputy town Supervisor Louis Pelletter mentioned that there were some concerns from other farmers about the proposed law.

“Those issues are covered underneath Ag and Market laws,” Supervisor Todd Johnson said. “The reasonableness from our law comes from Ag and Markets,” Councilperson Bernard Feldmann. “So all their concerns are really covered.”

Pelletter also expressed concerned about making a whole new local law just for one issue.

“My biggest problem with this law is that we have one problem and we’re making a whole new law,” Pelletter said. “It’ll affect a lot of different people for one situation. We’re trying to correct one problem, but I see where a lot of innocent people could have a lot of other problems.”

There is one section in the law that states that domestic power tools, including lawn mowers, are limited to use between the hours of 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.

“So if I get up at 6:30 a.m., I could be subject to arrest if I’m using my lawn mower,” Pelletter said. “I’m kind of concerned about that. I see some problems with that.”

Feldmann noted the necessity of the law.

“The only problem is, without the law, those cannons are going to go off every minute the next time an individual gets aggravated with his neighbors, whether it’s for agriculture or not,” Feldmann said. “We have to go forward with it. I agree with Lou, it’s terrible that we have to, but we have no way to stop this. He’s creating misery for all these people.”

The last concern mentioned by the board was the potential for courts to approve the use of the cannons for agricultural reasons, even though they were not being used for that reason recently. “They can come in and arrest the guy, but then under Ag and Market law get (released),” Councilperson Wayne Ashley said. “The only hope we have of stopping it is by passing this law,” Feldmann said. “At the end of the day, we may do this for naught, but at least we’ve done something.”

The motion to pass the law was made by Feldmann and seconded by Councilperson Edward Schintzius. The law passed 3 to 2, with Pelletter and Ashley voting “no.” This law now allows the police to be called when there is an issue covered under the noise ordinance.


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