P-TECH student finds work at Lakeside, headed to Alfred

Submitted Photo P-TECH student Daniel Muldowney of Dunkirk is pictured working at Lakeside Precision in Dunkirk. He is the second P-TECH student to find employment at Lakeside. In the fall, he will be attending Alfred State College for automotive technology.

When P-TECH formed five years ago the hope was to help give high school students an opportunity to pursue careers they were passionate about while developing the workforce of tomorrow.

The first cohort of students will enter their final year of the program this fall and earn their associate degrees in their respective pathway, but students are already having an impact in local industry. Lakeside Precision of Dunkirk recently hired its second P-TECH student, Daniel Muldowney of Dunkirk.

“We’re starting to see the fruits of our labor with P-TECH. When we helped start this program years ago we knew it was going to take some time,” said Chris Anson, Lakeside Precision owner. “Today, we’re seeing students who are still in the program, still working toward earning their associate’s degrees, finding employment in the industry and they’re coming to us ahead of the game with the knowledge to be successful in a well-paying field. I’m excited to see the program continue to grow and benefit local students, our community, and the industry.”

For Muldowney, the thought of entering a school tailormade for students interested in machine tooling, computer-aided design and drafting or welding was an opportunity too good to pass up.

“What sold me was the fact I get to meet new people,” Muldowney said. “Within two days I had four new best friends. I got more out of it than I expected. I met a lot of kids that were really like me. A lot of kids were into automotive and things I like and it helped to create more friendships.”

When asked to reflect on where he thought he might be now had he not chosen P-TECH Muldowney said had this pathway never presented itself he probably wouldn’t be in the position he is in today.

“There’s a big difference for me between what could have happened and what did happen,” Muldowney said. “I enjoyed my four years here and I greatly appreciate this program because without this I don’t think I’d be where I am now and it’s really helped me find who I am today.”

In the fall, Muldowney will enroll in Alfred State College to pursue a degree in automotive technology, but in the meantime, he’s gaining valuable experience working at Lakeside Precision.

“We have Daniel doing a number of things and he’s picking it up quickly because of the soft skills, technical skills and work ethic he has built upon during his time in P-TECH,” Anson said. “In his short time with us during his internship I knew he was different because he was concerned with our production speed while we were teaching him, you don’t see that in a lot of new employees. He has a great attitude and he has fit in really well with everyone on our team.”

Muldowney is the second P-TECH student to find employment at Lakeside. Last year, Jordan Butterfield of Lake Shore was employed at Lakeside, before finding employment as an engineering technician for Excelco/Newbrook, Inc. in Silver Creek.

“There are a bunch of kids who are on their way to being successful and it does feel good to be able to say I went to a new program and I was able to survive and thrive with higher expectations for myself,” Muldowney said. “P-TECH is an opportunity to do better and rise above what other’s expectations for you may be and the expectations you may have placed on yourself.”


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