Small Business Revolution airs on Nov. 10

Co-hosts of Small Business Revolution Ty Pennington and Amanda Brinkman announced that the show featuring Fredonia will air Nov. 10.

Amanda Brinkman and Ty Pennington, co-hosts of the show Small Business Revolution, announced that the show featuring Fredonia will air Nov. 10.

The co-hosts of Small Business Revolution, the show that named Fredonia “Top Town” in their fifth season, answered some common questions last week from fans. In this video, which is posted on the show’s Facebook page, the pair talked about Fredonia, their relationship with the village and how they became the “dynamic duo” they are today.

“What I love about Fredonia is it’s in that upstate area of New York where the people are family oriented but they’re seasoned and there’s a salty sort of sense of humor to them,” Pennington said. “They’ve been through cold winters, they’ve been through stuff. They know how tough things can be and they know how to survive. And I love the humor people have when they’ve been through things in their lives and I think that’s what the town is like. It’s a town that’s been around and knows what the world is like and I think that’s why they’re doing so well in this situation.”

During a global pandemic, one would think it is not easy to film a TV show. This sentiment was echoed by the co-hosts, especially because they’ve never filmed a show long-distance before. But they also explained that their passion for the show has not dimmed at all and may have grown through all of the struggles.

“We’re still so passionate about this show and helping out small businesses. No time has ever been more important than right now and so we just want you guys to know that all of us here are making sure that we continue this and make sure that businesses can survive this,” he said. “It’s been a struggle for all of us, but this season is going to be so special because it’s going to be very real.”

Almost nobody could predict how COVID-19 was going to affect the United States, but most were not expecting it to impact their lives the way it has. This includes the show, as Brinkman explained. This season of the show morphed into something that they were not expecting, how to keep small businesses afloat during a crisis.

“When we were first starting to film this season and when we heard just a little bit about this virus, I remember we actually had a production discussion about whether this ‘COVID thing’ is going to come up and affect the business at all,” Brinkman said. “Then fast forward four weeks and we knew this whole season was going to be about COVID and how businesses can stay alive during these unprecedented times.”

The show, airing Nov. 10, will be available to view on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and smallbusinessrevolution.org.


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