Foundation aims to improve ‘quality of life’ in our region

Celebrating the impact of philanthropy and advancing its work is the Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation’s focus for this year’s Community Foundation Week.

The purpose of the week is to recognize the important work of community foundations and their collaborative and innovative approach to working with the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Annually, Community Foundation Week is celebrated from Nov. 12 to 18 and coincides with National Philanthropy Day on Sunday, Nov. 15.

What is a community foundation? A community foundation is a public charity that typically focuses on supporting a geographical area, primarily by facilitating and pooling donations used to address community needs and support local nonprofits. Community foundations offer various grant-making programs, including scholarships, and are funded by donations from individuals, families, businesses, and occasionally by outside grants.

For more than 34 years, the NCCF has made it possible for the northern Chautauqua County community members to create permanent philanthropic resources for current and future needs and opportunities. These range from basic human needs to creating innovative solutions that transform our community.

“The pandemic has turned our world upside down. Resources are limited, and we can’t predict with certainty future needs. The flexibility inherent to community foundations has allowed us to pivot, redirect our resources and energies as the crisis evolves. We are more determined than ever to find innovative and effective solutions to the challenges before us,” said NCCF Executive Director Diane Hannum.

The NCCF is celebrating Community Foundation Week by reminding the community that “we are here, that we care, and that we are working for the future of northern Chautauqua County.” Due to the pandemic, NCCF will not host its traditional Community Foundation Week Open House this year. However, celebrations will happen through social media events and contests. Everyone is encouraged to follow NCCF on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

“We celebrate the generosity of our donors and the impact that their giving makes in improving our community’s quality of life,” noted Richard Ketcham, president. “Unfortunately, not enough people are aware of the NCCF, what we do, and the impact we have on the community. I encourage everyone to learn more about the NCCF by reaching out to our staff or a board member.”

The NCCF, incorporated in 1986, is a tax-exempt charitable organization. Since its establishment, the NCCF has distributed more than $16 million to the community through its various grant programs. It is an organization inherently committed to enriching the northern Chautauqua community and encouraging local philanthropy. For more information on the NCCF, visit www.nccfoundation.org or call 366-4892.


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