New PBA deal includes hikes, early retire incentives

The Police Benevolent Association contract recently approved by the Dunkirk Common Council includes salary increases starting next year and early retirement incentives.

Police officers in the city will see a $750 lump payment this year. In 2021, there will be a 2% wage increase totaling $60,746 for the city. In 2022, there will be another 1.5% increase with another 2% increase to follow in 2023.

The early retirement incentives are as follows: officers who retire with 20 years of service will receive a $20,000 payment; 21-year members will receive $15,000; 22 years will see $10,000; and 23 years $5,000. There is no incentive after that.

Other new sections include 10 hours paid for every eight of field training, accrued sick leave that can be cashed out later and movement into the city in compulsory following a year of hire and must stay a minimum of two years save for the police chief.

Bereavement and family leave also include children and grandchildren that the officer is the legal guardian or has court-ordered custody of has also been added as well as a privacy mandate. The city will not be able to release the address, phone number or any other personal identifying information to any person who is not an employee of the police department, human resources department or the law department.

One interesting new section added regards NRG. If the plant repowers or the potential future reuse provides equivalent tax income or the state or federal government provides equivalent gap aid equal to or greater than the tax revenue the parties shall reopen contract negotiations limited to the issue of wage increases available.


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