South Dayton boy missing great-grandfather

Memphis Tabak, who has not seen his great-grandfather since last Thanksgiving, is pictured outside the South Dayton American Legion.

SOUTH DAYTON — Though Veterans Day has passed, a young boy from South Dayton encourages everyone to honor veterans every day.

Memphis, the great-grandson of Gerdie and Kathy Tabak of South Dayton visits and helps his great-grandmother with tending the flower beds and pulling the weeds at South Dayton American Legion Post 1593. Kathy Tabak is the keeper of the grounds at the legion, where she tends to all of the needs of the building. Memphis always loves to join along for the fun.

“He has become a staple figure around the grounds of our legion,” Debbie Cosme, administrative assistant at St. Joseph’s Church, said.

Memphis’ great-grandpa Gerdie is currently a resident in a nursing home in Batavia. They have not seen each other since last Thanksgiving.

One day, when walking the grounds and tending to the weeds, Memphis gave it some thought, and after a brief talk with the soldier statue in one of the Legion gardens, he decided that if he couldn’t give great-grandpa Gerdie his hug and kiss for Veterans Day, he would do the next best thing and share it with the statue of the soldier.

“The little guy, Memphis, has shown us the most innocent and undeniable ‘thank you’ to our veterans that we could imagine,” Cosme said. “Thank You Memphis for reminding us what we should be doing for our veterans, not just one day a year, but every day!”


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