Gowanda street signs highlight Bills fever

Submitted Photos Two streets signs in Gowanda have been slightly altered to show their support for the Buffalo Bills.

The newly found tradition of renaming streets and towns after Buffalo Bills players continues in Gowanda, with an extra touch on this one.

This time, it’s two streets running adjacent to each other that have both been renamed by the community.

The corner of Allen Street and Buffalo Street in Gowanda has seen extensions up on both signs. Allen Street now has a new addition that says “Josh” before it, in honor of Bills quarterback Josh Allen, while Buffalo Street has a “Let’s Go” in front of the sign.

Krissy Smith, the Gowanda resident who actually put up the sign, does not want the credit for the signs creation. Rather, she attributes it to the Gowanda community at large, while the idea for the sign in specific came from Raychel Stark.

“I have to say I absolutely love this community and the way we all come together to create,” Smith posted to her Facebook page. “This sign did not happen because of me at all, but because someone reached out to me with an idea, which led to another idea from others, which led to me dragging Dan (Smith’s husband) out of bed at 11 pm to measure signs and outlines and font height, and then there were ladders involved and some guy taking pics…it was a whole big g-town thing.”

Smith has been part of several town collaboration efforts to spruce up the Gowanda community, and said they have “so many amazing things happening in our community.” The signs hang there with the full approval of Gowanda Mayor David Smith.

“We’ve had the murals, and the theatre restoration, gateway park,” Smith said. “Because of our communities ability to come together, despite our differences, and unify to create some really beautiful things. The world needs more beautiful.”

The newly dubbed Josh Allen and Let’s Go Buffalo Streets join Taron Johnson Street in Fredonia in honoring the Bills. In addition, Allentown, a neighborhood in Buffalo, also renamed their town to Josh Allentown at the beginning of the playoffs. The Bills take on the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday, January 24 at 6:40 p.m.


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