Love of trucks makes birthday special

A perfect 10

Pictured is Nathen Lindstrom with his uncle, Leroy Lindstrom on Saturday. Submitted photos

BROCTON — On Saturday, several companies and independent truckers came together to make one youngster’s birthday extra special.

Nathen Lindstrom, a 10-year-old from Brocton who comes from a family of truckers and heavy equipment operators, has had a passion for big trucks and heavy equipment since he was just months old. Nathen’s mom, Johnnie Lindstrom, and uncle, Leroy Lindstrom, asked for help on social media to try and bring semis together.

“We worked many hours trying to figure out the best way to make this possible for Nate’s birthday,” Johnnie Lindstrom said. “He is an extremely special boy who touches the hearts of many. Nathen not only demonstrates passion, courage and has a very loving heart, he also has great work ethics.”

These work ethics have been apparent for some time as the preteen has been selling firewood out front of his home for a little while now.

“Nate saves all of his money because he wants to purchase his own semi someday,” Lindstrom added. “He has an amazing work ethic that you do not see in many kids his age. We would like to send a huge thank you to Rizzo’s Excavation and Trucking, Bentley Tree Care, Justin and Terri Skinner, Tommy Decker and Crystal along with everyone else who came together and those that even shared the event, to make this possible.”

One of the trucks participating in Saturday’s birthday event drives by Nathen’s home.

Nathen himself would like to send a very special thank you to all the drivers.

“Thank you for the parade for my birthday,” he stated. “It was awesome. I loved the trucks and I hope to see a parade like mine, for others someday.”

Nathen has a dream to bring back a convoy for those with disabilities as he wants to share with everyone the experience with what he loves most.


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