Pet project: ‘Little shaggy guy’ happy to find home

Editor’s note: Readers again share their stories of how a furry friend came into their lives.

In 2016 we were looking to adopt a dog, and came across this photo of Baxter (shelter name was Duke) on the Northern Chautauqua Canine Rescue site.

We had adopted a couple of dogs from NCCR over the years, so we knew we would have a good experience. We were hoping to get a very large dog, and could not tell what size Baxter was from his photo. Mostly we were fascinated that he reminded us of a Muppet.

He turned out to be a little 28-pounder who was excited to get out of his kennel to meet us. The little shaggy guy endeared himself to us immediately. He was so happy. We’ve since had to keep his copious hair a bit shorter, for the sake of easier upkeep, but his cute demeanor remains. And we can usually see his eyes!

Baxter loves to meet people, other dogs and pretty much any other animal. He earned his Canine Good Citizen certificate through dog trainer Sarah Winton, of Country Canines, and before Covid hit we had started to take him to visit elderly people in private homes and a nursing home.

Once the pandemic fades we know that Bax will be overjoyed to be out and about again, spreading good canine cheer to everyone he meets.

— Loved by Rody and Steve Schoener-Zarutskie


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