Pet projects: Pumpkin, border collie are a perfect pairing

Editor’s note: Readers again share their stories of how a furry friend came into their lives.

Fifteen years ago around Halloween my dog and I were out in the yard when a beautiful orange cat came up our driveway and never left, hence the name Pumpkin.

She waltzed up to our border collie, Cassie, and started swishing her body against her.

I had never seen a cat befriend a dog like that. I thought, what a beautiful cat and I wondered who it belonged to. Guess who? It took a couple of days of her hanging around the yard before introducing her to our other cat. All three animals bonded and got along better than most people.

Pumpkin is “Queen” of her castle, no mistake about it. We do her bidding and in return have the favor of her love. She loves us and our property — which I refer to as her happy hunting ground.

She grooms the dog and sleeps next to her. I wish people could at more like the two of them.

— Loved by Judy and Bob Elliott


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