Gowanda names top students for month of January

Cameron Nagel

GOWANDA – The Student Council of Gowanda High School selected eight Panthers as Students of the Month for January 2021.

These Panthers in ninth grade through 12th grade are selected for this recognition for a variety of reasons with a focus on “The Four C’s” — critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication.

Congratulations to Logan Forthman, Jada Geiger, Mikai Jimerson-Ocasio, Glen John, Zanthia (Kieran) Luciano, Cameron Nagel, and Autumn Pupo.

Logan Forthman’s technology teacher Mr. Ed Bugenhagen says he is a respectful young man and feels privileged to watch him learn new skills over the past couple years. Logan is always willing to accept responsibility and self advocates to clarify his understanding. He is always the first to submit assignments and Mr. Bugenhagen looks forward to hearing his creative thoughts and ideas.

Jada Geiger’s art teacher Ms. Heather Rydzik says she has utilized her creative problem-solving skills to adapt to the changes in routine and school structure and managed her time and resources well. Jada is proactive and asks for help or clarification when needed.

Zanthia (Kieran) Luciano

Mikai Jimerson-Ocasio’s art teacher Ms. Heather Rydzik says he works to make the fully remote model of school a successful experience. He attends Zoom classes regularly and organizes his day to ensure he completes projects on time. He is intelligent and thinks outside the box. He uses his sometimes unconventional work habits to great effect and proved he has what it takes to be successful in a nontraditional education system, which may serve him well on his future career path.

Glen John’s social studies teacher Mr. Daniel Ratel says he always has a clever response to questions.

Zanthia (Kieran) Luciano’s math teacher Ms. Amy Fantaske says she is a remarkable student who often shares her poetry with enthusiasm and pride. She is collaborative in that she attends Zoom classes and participates when she attends class. She is willing to work with peers and communicates well in person, through writing and through Zoom. She is often the first to log in and the last one to log out of class. She has an outstanding average in algebra and shows a commitment to her education.

Cameron Nagel’s science teacher Mrs. Emma Relosky says she always takes responsibility for her own learning. She is always respectful of teachers’ time and this is evident in the way she words her messages. She is never ashamed to reach out if she needs extra clarification of content or directions on assignments.

Autumn Pupo’s English teacher Mrs. Shannon Styles says she has been a hard worker all year but once they moved to 100% remote learning she was the first one on Zoom every morning, where she actively participated in lessons, advocated for herself by reaching out for help or clarification. She also took advantage of the opportunities to revise writing and re-submit assignments to improve her grades.

Jada Geiger

Glen John

Logan Forthman

Autumn Pupo


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