Incident at Dunkirk Dog Park sparks concern

A recent incident involving Corvus, above, is being investigated.

Corvus, a sweet black lab mix, had a dangerous run-in with another large dog at the Dunkirk Dog Park on Main Street Extension recently and while that can happen anywhere between dogs the problem was the owners of the other pet did nothing to stop the fight that broke out.

“Corvus and I had shown up at the dog park, there was another dog there and a couple, but we didn’t think much of it,” Jade Lowe, Corvus’ owner told the OBSERVER. “We went to the other fenced-in area because I didn’t know this dog or how he played with others. They asked me some questions about Corvus, if he was friendly with other dogs. The dog’s name was Vader and they ran back and forth along the fence line for awhile.”

While cleaning up after Corvus, Lowe noticed the couple leaving their fenced-in area and coming into hers raising her concern as she wasn’t familiar with Vader, which is a black and white husky mix with brown eye and one blue eye.

“I don’t know these people or their dog really well and they said that he was super friendly and wasn’t dog aggressive, so I thought maybe this will be fine,” Lowe said. “Corvus wanted to play with Vader so he would follow and chase and run and everything was okay. Vader came up to me with a toy and I asked if I could have the toy and then he started low growling and I got very nervous so I just dropped my hands and looked away from him and then he ran off.”

Corvus, sensing something was wrong, went into protective mode near Lowe, but Lowe insisted that he wasn’t going to start anything, he was just hanging around her. Lowe told him to go play and he wound up with Vader again.

“It was then there was a shift in the air and then I heard the growling and then Vader was on top of Corvus and he would not get off of him and his owners did nothing,” Lowe added. “They didn’t call him, they didn’t come over to him. I saw an opening and I shoved my arm in between the two and I pried him off of Corvus and Corvus went and hid behind a bench.”

Lowe held onto Vader and demanded the couple come and get their dog with them apologizing for their dog’s actions.

“They left, I didn’t even get their names, I didn’t know if the dog had his shots, I didn’t know anything,” Lowe stated. “Afterwards Corvus started shaking a lot and there was blood coming from his neck, his face, his ears and his leg and I called the vet.”

By this time another woman she knew well showed up with her dog and she relayed the story. Lowe took Corvus to the vet right after and that evening filed a police report with the city.

“I called the police that night,” Lowe shared. “An officer came, he took the report and said it would go to Denise because she’s in charge of all the dog things, so I waited for a follow up.”

Over the weekend Lowe was told by the same woman that the owners were at the park calling her liar and saying his dog did not draw blood, but Lowe has pictures of the wounds to prove it.

Incidents with this dog have since continued with many people leaving when the dog arrives at the park.

“The dog is totally out of control,” said visitor Patti Schanzlin. “He literally jumps over the fence from side to side, not even using a bench as a springboard. His owners think it’s funny, but no one can keep their dog from him as he just jumps over to join them.”

The incident is being looked into further and Zentz has asked that if anyone experiences anything dangerous or out of control at the dog park with any dog or owners that people are asked to stay and call the police.

“This is the only way we can address an issue, is by having it on file,” Zentz said. “The more we know, the more we can take further action and make the park a safe and enjoyable place.”


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