Railing request guides Common Council meeting

Railings for the small flight of stairs are being considered for the Boardwalk in Dunkirk and in upcoming construction there.

At Tuesday’s Common Council meeting Third Ward Councilman James Stoyle asked about the addition of railings to the deck at the location to assist people such as senior citizens.

“We can build a railing,” Department of Public Works Director Randy Woodbury stated. “We all know that the deck has had its day and I was kind of hoping that we could find some money to really redo that whole deck with railings, but in the meantime we can do a railing.”

Stoyle brought up that he was under the impression that at one of the meetings that there was money to repair the deck or at least the stairs.

“Each of those posts there should have a railing on it,” Fourth Ward Councilwoman Nancy Nichols added. “Not just one here and there so that senior visitors to the area have something to hang onto, regardless of which shop they patronize.”

Mayor Wilfred Rosas responded that there is a single railing put up in one area since he became mayor, but agreed that repairs and the addition of more railings are ideal.

“I agree with you, those have never been on there since the Boardwalk has been in existence,” Rosas noted. “It would be new, but I don’t disagree with you, I think there is something that we can do there as I said earlier we have a plan to propose to the finance committee to use some of the stimulus funds to redo that whole porch area and then we can include that plan.”


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