Stockton celebrates 200th anniversary

Pictured are Stockton town historian John Sipos, councilmen Stanley P. Zembryski, Bryan J Meder, John J. Beichner, advisor of finances in a telecast from Florida Allen S. Chase, town supervisor David J. Wilson, town clerk Kathryn M. Palmer and councilman Hannah Abram. Aaron Burnett is the highway supervisor.

STOCKTON — The Town Board recently celebrated the 200th anniversary of the town’s formation.

Stockton was formed in February 1821, and in April 1821 the first Stockton Town Board meeting was held. At that time, the supervisor was Calvin Warren, with the town clerk being John Curtis. The current Stockton Town Board met on the 200th anniversary of the first town board meeting.

Stockton was named after one of signers of the Declaration of Independence, Richard Stockton. In 1821, there were 12 roads, and each one had its own supervisor, and the town had 1,600 residents.

The first post office was located one mile south of the four corners. The four corners was named Delanti in 1831 and continued with that name for over 40 years. The reason for the change was because it was known at the “Corners” and the teacher Lorraine Danforth suggested the name Delanti which meant a place of paradise where the flowers bloomed with much color and the animals ran freely.

A basket of individually wrapped treats for the occasion was provided by Susan W. Sipos, and Supervisor Wilson provided a cake.


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