Cassadaga eyes speed bumps for busy avenue

OBSERVER Photo by Anthony Dolce Speed bumps are being considered for Park Avenue in Cassadaga.

CASSADAGA — Originally brought to the Village Board in June of 2020, the potential reconfiguration of Park Avenue in Cassadaga to a one-way street has been shelved in favor of a different alternative: speed bumps.

Peter George of the Citizens for a Better Cassadaga had originally pitched the idea of the one-way street last June, citing how traffic flow is busy and chaotic in the summer, especially while events are happening with people parking on the narrow street. His suggestion was to make it a one way, which would have included handicapped parking and an extended drop off zone. The idea was met with mixed feelings from the board, with Public Works Superintendent Cassadaga Sam Alaimo voicing the largest concerns.

“The parking lot across from the fire department actually belongs to them, it doesn’t belong to the village,” Alaimo said. “As for the one-way street, it may be hard to implement. There are people who have been living there for 60 years and they might not agree with it.”

Alaimo’s concerns proved to be the most prudent, as public resistance to making it a one way encouraged the board to look at other options. Initial considerations were to include a pull up fence to help with traffic flow, as well as making the road connecting Dale Drive to Maple Avenue a one way, but ultimately, at the April 14 meeting, the board decided to look at the installation of an additional speed bump to help slow down traffic.

“They’re not super available and they’re kind of pricey,” Alaimo said at last month’s meeting. “I’m wondering if we put one near the crosswalk and then the other two at the end if that would help, otherwise everything is months away.”

Alaimo said that the ones he’s looking at are 2 inches tall, instead of one, which would make quite the difference in slowing down traffic.

“That inch makes a difference,” Alaimo said. “If you’ve ever ran over a two-by-four, you’d know.”

The Village Board will continue to look into the installation of the additional speed bump, while also looking at other alternatives to make the roads safer for those participating in events.


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