Fredonia woman pleads guilty to lying about rape

WARREN, Pa. — A Fredonia woman has pleaded guilty to fabricating a rape allegation to cover an affair.

Stephanie A. Kicak, 20, pled to a sole count of false reports Monday before President Judge Maureen Skerda in Warren County, Pa. When Skerda asked her why she was in court Monday, Kicak said she “accused someone of something they didn’t do.”

According to the affidavit of probable cause, Kicak reported to City of Warren police in June 2020 that she was raped at Point Park while in town visiting her mother. Police responded to Warren General Hospital where they spoke with her.

Kicak, per the affidavit, told police that she went for a walk and “ended up at the Warren Recreational Pool and was going to sit down at the pavilion located in the parking lot.” She allegedly told police a male was in the pavilion that she did not see because it was dark.

“The unknown male,” police detail, “produced a knife and ordered her to walk into the wooded area behind the pavilion” and “pushed her to the ground and took her pants and underwear off” prior to the alleged assault, which Kicak said per police “didn’t last long, because the suspect got distracted and he left.”

Police say Kicak provided a description of the male and police arranged with the FBI to have a composite sketch completed as well as a rape kit which was sent to the Pennsylvania State Police Crime Lab.

Police undertook further investigation and “obtained some leads on an alleged suspect.” That subject was identified and that person’s image matched the composite sketch from the FBI. The possible suspect’s DNA was also discovered as a result of the rape kit submitted to the crime lab.

That individual was called in for an interview and “denied the sexual contact was nonconsensual” and provided Facebook messages as evidence.

Kicak eventually told police in an interview that she had lied about the allegation.

A source told the Times Observer that Kicak fabricated the rape allegation to cover an affair she had with the person police identified as the suspect.

Kicak’s Monday plea carries a maximum possible penalty of two years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000, according to Skerda.


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