Local resident’s photos highlighted by MSN

This photo was titled “Beautiful winter picture” on MSN’s “50 of the Most Stunning Pictures of Winter Across America.” It was taken in Blockville.

While the snow is finally gone, one local resident who captured some of the beauty of winter, was acknowledged on a national website.

In January, msn.com posted a piece titled “50 of the Most Stunning Pictures of Winter Across America.” Three of those photos used were taken in Chautauqua County by Judy Wroda of Ashville. One photo was taken at Goose Creek in Blockville, one on Eiden Road in the town of North Harmony, and one on Carpenter Pringle Road, close to Stow. The photos were provided to MSN courtesy of Country Magazine.

Wroda took the Goose Creek photo after a heavy snowfall.

“Seeing the greens so heavily laden by the snow, along with the slow moving stream made this a perfect photo for me. When I look at this photo I can still hear the soft call of the winter birds mixed with the gentle movement of the water that I heard that day. It was a quiet, serene day, and this scene just set it all so perfectly,” she said.

Wroda notes the Eiden Road area where she took the photo is much different during the winter.

This photo was titled “Snowy Swamp” on MSN’s “50 of the Most Stunning Pictures of Winter Across America.” It was taken in North Harmony.

“It is actually an old swamp that takes on a surreal appearance in the winter season. During summer, the beavers build dams here, and old fallen limbs make it look a bit ‘wild,’ and if you drive by at the right time, you will see the bear reaching up to get some apples from the tree across the road … but the mystical touch of winter certainly makes this swamp into something that is as dazzling as a queen’s crown,” she said.

She adores the scene of the third photo on Carpenter Pringle Road as well.

“The bright red barn against the stark white snow, with the sunlight making it all sparkle so brilliantly,” she said.

To see the full list go to: https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/tripideas/50-of-the-most-stunning-pictures-of-winter-across-america/ar-BB1cEJeY?ocid=hplocalnews#image=1

This isn’t the first time her work has been published. Recently she received a copy of the book “A Year in the Country 2021.” On page 180 is one of her stories about Chautauqua County and the old church on Open Meadows Road, called Ebenezer.

This photo was titled “Snowy red barn” on MSN’s “50 of the Most Stunning Pictures of Winter Across America.” It was taken near Stow.

The caption to her photo of the old church is ‘The peace of this church in Chautauqua County offered Judy a moment of quiet contemplation and inspiration.’ The title to the piece is ‘Sacred Spaces’ and displays one of her photos of the old church.

Wroda was very excited upon receiving the book. “Chautauqua County is being shown to the world! This is so fun,” she said.

Judy Wroda has an article and photo inside this book.

Judy Wroda


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