Silver Creek board has splash pad in sights

OBSERVER Photo by Anthony Dolce Silver Creek board members, from left, include: Sandy Lindstrom, Bill Barnes, Mayor Jeff Hornburg, Stephen Romanik and Marv Cummings.

SILVER CREEK — Upon the suggestion of Hanover town clerk and Kiwanis member Tim Crino, the village has been looking more in depth at installing a new splash pad somewhere within the municipality.

Silver Creek Mayor Jeff Hornburg said that the village has been talking to a handful of different splash pad companies, in order to evaluate cost, design, and placement. The placement in particular is up for discussion, because while Hornburg said the most logical place for it is where the old one was located many years ago, though that spot isn’t the Village’s preference. “The most logical place is to put it where the splash pool used to be,” Hornburg said. “That’s not our first choice. We have two other sites in mind that we’re looking into.”

Hornburg said that they have been putting funds away to help pay for the splash pad, but has to work more in conjunction with Kiwanis in order to work out a location and funding. Additionally, Hanover Deputy Supervisor Lou Pelletter has approached Forestville’s School District to gage interest, while Hornburg said he’d look at reaching out to Silver Creek Central School.

In other town business, maintenance of the kayak launch that was installed in June is now part of the Village’s responsibility. Part of that responsibility comes with removing it before the weather makes it difficult to do so.

In preparation of that, the kayak launch will be removed sometime in mid-October, which is around the same time that the Town of Hanover will be removing theirs.

“The lake starts getting chilly, although kayakers don’t get as wet as surf boarders or something,” said Hornburg. “But we still have to get it out early enough so if we have any kind of early weather in the fall, we’re not caught struggling to get it out of there.”

Finally, Hornburg wanted to take the time to thank the village Department of Public Works. In what was a tumultuous year, in particular due to the heavy rainfall in July, Hornburg wanted to show his appreciation for the work that has been done in the Village.

“What normally is a one-month project turned into two and plus,” Hornburg said. “I wanted to thank the DPW and I appreciate all the work they do.”


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