Man seeks help on money lost in Fredonia area

A Pennsylvania man is seeking help from the community after losing more than $2,000 in the Fredonia area on Saturday.

Dan Hollenbeck, of Erie said he lost the money on East Main Street, not far from the Pioneer Cemetery.

“I meet friends in Fredonia once a month,” he said. “We go out, we eat. It’s a ritual. In this particular situation, I left the wallet on top of my car.”

Hollenbeck drove off and later realized he didn’t have his wallet, but thought he left it back home in Erie.

“I have memory loss issues,” he said, explaining that they are the result of childhood abuse.

Hollenbeck didn’t actually know his wallet was missing until the Fredonia Police Department called him. Someone turned in the wallet, which had $2,700 in it.

The money was gone. People have since turned in about $500 to the Fredonia police — but most of the cash, around $2,200, is still missing. Hollenbeck filed a report with the police.

The incident has put him in a dire financial situation.

“I lost 20 percent of my income for the year,” he said, from Social Security disability payments. Hollenbeck said he was carrying the sizable sum because he planned to pay for rent, home repairs and car work.

“I can’t leave money in the bank,” he added. “If the federal government sees too much money in your account, they’ll stop your benefits.”

The loss of the money has now put him “on the verge of eviction,” he said.

Hollenbeck is hoping that whoever found the rest of the money will do the right thing and turn it in to the police. He’s willing to take it back on a “no questions asked” basis.

He’s also wiling to accept donations from the community to help him make up the loss. Donations can be dropped off at the Fredonia Police Department. Once he has $2,200, he said he would give leftover donations back to the police so they could send them on to charities.

Hollenbeck said that any financial help, whether from the return of his missing funds or through donations, “would be greatly appreciated.”

“I’m not a stingy guy. I’ve helped others when they’re down,” he said.


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