Fredonia names new Hispanic Outreach Coordinator

OBSERVER Photo by Anthony Dolce Alberto Ramirez-Sanchez was recently appointed to Fredonia’s new Hispanic Outreach Coordinator position.

In November, the Fredonia Central School district began looking for someone for a new position of Hispanic Outreach Coordinator to provide the school with a person who can better assist the growing number of Spanish-speaking students.

This week, that position finally was filled in house. Alberto Ramirez-Sanchez, previously a teaching assistant, was officially appointed to the post. The position is listed as a Civil Service position, meaning Ramirez-Sanchez will have to attain Civil Service eligibility for the position, and his appointment will be provisional until that happens. The appointment date is effective on Monday, Feb. 7.

“Albert has worked for several years in the district,” said Fredonia Superintendent Dr. Bradley Zilliox. “He’s done an outstanding job. He’s a former Fredonia student as an exchange student and has numerous connections. He’s fulfilled some of this role just as a (teacher’s aide). We’re thrilled to offer him this position and have him accept this position.”

Fredonia School Business Administrator Dr. Margie Wright said Ramirez-Sanchez brought a lot of strong ideas to the table, as well as a deep understanding about what those he will be helping are going through. While there were multiple candidates for the job, Wright said these skills made Ramirez-Sanchez the right choice.

“We were fortunate to have three very qualified candidates,” she said. “But one of the things that Albert brings to the position is his longevity, his knowledge, and attention to detail. … There has to be a trust factor.”

Ramirez-Sanchez, who also has a background in law enforcement, expressed his appreciation for the position and eagerness to start his work. “I am beyond thankful to have been offered this position,” said Ramirez-Sanchez. “I’m thankful for everyone. … I am beyond excited to be able to help build relationships to help better communicate with our Hispanic community.”

As the position at the school is new, Fredonia school board President Brian Aldrich remarked that Ramirez-Sanchez can carve out the position however he sees fit. “You get to write your own story of what this position is,” said Aldrich. “You don’t have to compare yourself to somebody who came before you and I think this will be a great opportunity to start that position.”

Ramirez-Sanchez was unanimously approved to the position by the board.


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