Sheridan seeks building, park upgrades

OBSERVER Photo by Anthony Dolce A group of individuals are sworn into various positions serving the town of Sheridan this month.

SHERIDAN — There are a few areas of the town that Supervisor John Walker II is looking to improve and build upon. One is the very community room their town meetings are held in, where the ceiling is suffering from leaking problems.

“This is something the board has been talking about for years now,” Walker said. “We’ve looked at putting in a hitched roof, a metal roof. The cost is more than I think we are ready to go for.”

Walker said they haven’t dedicated American Rescue Plan money toward it yet, and is something the board still has to do. There are no exact figures to be presented, but the board is aware the problem needs to be fixed.

Another area is Sheridan Bay Park. Walker said that they have applied for various grants to help improve the park. Walker said that they went out to bid on water and electricity for the park, with the intention of upgrading the park by installing new water lines and upgrading the electric. Once those are done, the county would like to see more upgrades.

“Eventually after that is done, there will be more upgrades the county would like to see us do,” Walker said.

The water work will be done by the town Highway Superintendent Jeff Feinen and his crew, while there was one bid for electric, despite numerous offers being sent out. Walker also said they requested a grant to give them a new bathhouse, though the request was not won. Walke said they were told to resubmit for the next round, which they will do.

As Wednesday was also their first meeting of the year, there were several members of several different groups within the Town of Sheridan that were sworn in.

These members include John Walker II as Town Supervisor, Rebecca Schafer as town clerk, Lydia Romer as town justice, Richard Feinen and Craig Sutton, both as Town Councilman, Jeff Feinen as Town Highway Superintendent, Paul Wallenhorst as a Zoning and Planning Board member, Joe White as a Board of Assessment Review member, and James Crowell as Code Enforcement Officer.

The town also had a problem with the transmission of one of their fuel trucks. Because of that, Feinen said the town is looking for a new truck, and is looking to sell two of their trucks to cover the cost of one. The trucks will be available to be looked at on Monday, Jan. 31 during normal business hours, where they will be accepting bids.

The Sheridan Town Board will hold a public hearing set prior to the next regular board meeting on Feb. 9 at 7 p.m., for the sake of approving the fire protection contract for District One. The Sheridan Town Board will also be holding a workshop meeting on Wednesday at 7 p.m.


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