Cassadaga eyes delays for new rentals

CASSADAGA — The village is considering placing a moratorium on short-term rentals on a recommendation from the Zoning Board of Appeals. In a written statement to the board, village attorney Joseph Calimeri said this recommendation would exempt rentals currently in use.

“The ZBA is recommending a moratorium that would essentially eliminate short term rentals until such time that a zoning law is enacted,” said Calimeri. “They are also recommending an exemption for short term rentals currently in existence.”

According to Calimeri, the moratorium would allow the Zoning Board the time to address any potential issue, and it is up to the board to decide on how to proceed. The moratorium is permitted, as long as the Zoning Board is working on a law to address rentals, meaning the issue cannot be shelved for years without a resolution.

The Village Board approved a motion to allow Calimeri to draft the moratorium, meaning the issue will be addressed again in August. For now, short-term rentals will be allowed to operate, until the moratorium is approved, which could come with or without an exception allowing existing rentals to continue.

Should the moratorium pass, Cassadaga would join the town of Sheridan as municipalities who have opted to reassess their zoning laws as short-term rentals have spiked in popularity. The town of Dunkirk underwent a lengthy debate between residents and town officials over the language of the zoning law in regard to short term rentals, and municipalities, potentially including Cassadaga, do not want to face a similar situation.

In other business, Deputy Clerk Bonita Mazzone submitted her two weeks notice for her position. The village will be looking for a new clerk, who is a Cassadaga resident, ideally with a degree in business or bookkeeping experience.


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