Volunteers are ‘welcome’ sign in town

Pictured in the photo are: Nicki Nearhoof, Ava Nearhoof, Summer Sanden, Kristin Pochopin, president of the Silver Creek-Hanover Garden Club, Ali Nearhoof and 4-H assistant leader Autumn Klisiewicz.

On a Friday evening last month, two Hanover clubs teamed-up to help beautify the surroundings of a sign on Routes 5 and 20, long overdue for some attention despite it’s joyful “Welcome to the Town of Hanover” and “Chautauqua County 4-H Welcomes You” with “The Hanover Chamber of Commerce,” duly noted at the top.

This story began back in April, when the “offer to help” beautify the area under the sign came from Edward Newman, a member of the Silver Creek and Hanover Garden club, when he proposed the idea to the vice president of The Hanover Chamber of Commerce, Kelly Borrello. He also asked if the 4-H was supposed to, or wanted to, contribute to its’ garden maintenance?

Borrello brought up that question to the Chamber President Rick Klisiewicz. Klisiewicz knew that the only 4-H club in Hanover, located in Forestville, named the Fredonia Star Riders, because, his daughter was a member and his wife, Autumn Klisiewicz was the assistant leader. Club leader Aimee Rogers was notified and Rogers contacted the Chautauqua County 4-H office. They said they were not aware of any set arrangement regarding the sign. So the club members were asked and were very happy to add this hometown community project to their agenda.

Autumn Klisiewicz, also a newly joined Garden Club member, talked to the garden club and after a few emails, the two clubs set a date and thus began a new collaboration of a community adventure together that they hope will last a long time.

The community project began that beautiful evening in May, with preparing the ground and planting sunflower seeds. Simple, but hopeful, that their team work will grow and bloom for years to come. “Very symbolic,” said 4-H Assistant Leader, Autumn Klisiewicz.

Planting the seeds, are Ava and Ali Nearhoof and Autumn Klisiewicz.

Chautauqua County 4-H club, The Fredonia Star Riders, is grateful to be included in this project and thanks the Silver Creek/Hanover Garden Club and the Hanover Chamber of Commerce for this opportunity.


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