Crandall retires, returns as superintendent

Todd Crandall

SILVER CREEK — Silver Creek Central School Superintendent Todd Crandall had his retirement approved by the Board of Eduation at the end of July, allowing Crandall to end his 33-year career in education — for exactly one day.

On Monday, Crandall was brought back to Silver Creek Central School on a three-year contract. The purpose of his retirement was so he could secure benefits for his family, and allowing him to come back after one day is part of New York State’s Teacher Retirement System. While the original regulation for rehiring personnel after retirement was waiting a year, COVID-19 regulations changed that do a day, which allows teachers and administrators like Crandall to secure benefits for his family, while also sticking with the district through the tough times the pandemic has brought.

“Retiring guarantees me safeguard through the New York state pension system that I needed to take advantage of to safeguard my family,” Crandall said.

A lifelong Chautauqua County educator, he has spent the duratioh of his time in the county as both a teacher and an administrator. Crandall added that the Board of Education’s decision to rehire him is very humbling, and he’s happy to be able to continue carrying out the goals they set forth. The district also will save money not having to pay some of Crandall’s pre-retirement benefits.


“I am deeply honored that the board would ask to rehire me after our partnership of seven years and they always will be recognizing some savings,” said Crandall. “It is mutually beneficial.”

Crandall said that he’s happy and proud to start, end, and continue his career at Silver Creek, and is happy for all they have accomplished, but knows there is more to do.

“Our united efforts inspire me, and that being said, I realize there’s much more work to be done and my commitment remains steadfast with our students and family,” said Crandall.

Crandall’s rehire was not the only notable hire that Silver Creek has made recently. Early in July, Heather Krystofiak was approved to be the new elementary principal. A Dunkirk native, Krystofiak was previously the assistant principal at Amherst High School. Crandall said that Krystofiak comes very highly recommended and she officially begins on Monday.


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