Fredonia chief gets command post for truck

Fredonia Fire Chief Joshua Myers has his new truck. Now he’s getting equipment so he can command from it.

The village Board of Trustees unanimously approved the purchase of a command unit this week, at a cost of $7,143. Also called a “command cabinet” within the trustees’ resolution, the item will be provided by 10-75 Emergency Vehicles of Haskell, N.J.

The trustees also voted to transfer funds for the purchase from a fire department budget line intended for turnout gear. The truck was also partially paid for from that fund. Since the fire department has already received a sizable outlay of new turnout gear this year, most trustees have felt comfortable with transferring money from that budget line to help with the new truck.

One exception to that is Trustee James Lynden, who had the only questions about the command unit Monday. Lynden voted against the truck purchase, stating Myers should get it in his department’s next budget.

However, on Monday, he voted for the command cabinet — reasoning that since the truck has already been bought, the village should outfit it so Myers can use as he desired. The ability to add the command unit is the main reason Myers sought the new truck; the department’s old command truck didn’t have room for the device.

Lynden wanted to make sure the cabinet had not been previously approved. Village officials told him it had not been included in the truck measure, because they didn’t have a price quote for it.

“This is the only non-budgeted expense out there, we’re reusing 95 percent of the stuff that came out of the (old truck),” Myers said.

The chief said he hopes to replenish his turnout gear line with American Rescue Plan Act funds. Treasurer Erlyssa LeBeau said that was possible.

Myers added that the cost of the equipment he reused, if bought new, might cost up to $25,000.


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