New truck for Fredonia fire chief still on hold

Fredonia’s Board of Trustees rescinded authorization of a new truck for Fire Chief Joshua Myers.

Trustees overturned a May 31 measure to authorize a $52,172 truck for the chief, who just started his job in April.

That move was expected — the resolution was invalid because it did not properly allocate money for the purchase and did not specify a bidding process. However, trustees also tabled two measures Monday that would have gotten Myers his truck, anyway.

The first item would transfer $24,000 from the fire department’s turnout gear budget line to one for the chief’s vehicle. The department recently was approved for new turnout gear, with funds already appropriated for it.

The second item would authorize Myers’ truck — this time, a 2022 model instead of a 2023. This resolution would direct Myers to order the vehicle on state contract — to avoid the bid requirement, as the chief has a particular vehicle in mind.

The contract would be for $54,000. The chief would get $30,000 on trade in for his current vehicle, made in 2019. So the total cost would be $24,000.

However, since the trustees tabled the resolutions, the deal is on hold.


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