Fredonia considers forming Trap Club

OBSERVER Photo by Braden Carmen Jerry Kinney gave a presentation regarding the creation of a Trap Club at Fredonia Central School District at a recent Board of Education meeting

The idea of if you want something, shoot your shot took on new meaning with a recent presentation to the Fredonia Board of Education.

Jerry Kinney, a longtime member of local law enforcement, was invited to a recent Board of Education meeting to share his desire to form a Trap Club at the Fredonia Central School District.

A trap team is a group of competitive shooters who aim at airborne targets – called “Birdies” – with points awarded for hitting the target.

Kinney is hopeful that Fredonia will approve the formation of a Trap Club in time for a 9-week spring season beginning in March. Kinney hopes to raise funds to cover the club’s expenses at no cost to the district.

According to Kinney, there are over 130 trap teams across New York State, including Gowanda and Forestville, where Kinney’s son is a member. Trap shooting is a co-ed activity, in which students involved must be at least 12 years of age. Students would also be required to take a firearms safety course before they would be eligible to compete.

“I know the biggest concern (anyone) may have is safety,” said Kinney, who attempted to alleviate those concerns by describing how students fire their weapon individually, rather than all at once. Kinney also cited zero reported injuries attributed to trap shooting compared to contact sports.

Kinney also addressed the issue of storage of rounds, as well as firearms and transportation. In Kinney’s proposal, students and their families would be responsible for transportation of the participants and their firearms, while Kinney will assist with storage of equipment.

Former Fredonia Principal Andy Ludwig attended the Board of Education meeting to offer public comment in favor or Kinney prior to his presentation. Ludwig called Kinney a “quality person – the kind of person you want leading a Trap Club.”

“I think Trap Club is a great opportunity to get a certain segment of a population that isn’t there anymore. We don’t have as many hunters and gun enthusiasts. You want kids, young people, to learn proper use of firearms from fine people like Jerry Kinney,” said Ludwig. “As a taxpayer, I wanted to express my support for the Trap Club.”

No action was taken on Kinney’s proposal at the meeting. The next meeting of the Fredonia Board of Education is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 10 at 6 p.m. in the Fredonia High School Library.


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