Chautauqua Mall, future car wash site among top September sales

The Chautauqua Mall sold for $6 million.

The cost of what the Chautauqua Mall sold for has been revealed.

The Post-Journal and OBSERVER have been analyzing real estates sales in Chautauqua County and recently looked at the sales from Sept. 16-30.

During that time period, Chautauqua Mall LLC of Columbus, Ohio sold 318 East Fairmount Ave., Lakewood, to Chautauqua Mall Realty Holdings, LLC of Great Neck, NY for $6 million. The Chautauqua Mall website lists Kohan Retail Investment Group as the new owner.

The Post-Journal/OBSERVER previously reported the sale. The Jan. 10 article noted that the Kohan Retail Investment Group now owns roughly 70 malls across the country, including the McKinley Mall in Buffalo. Kohan purchased the Chautauqua Mall from the Washington Prime Group, which was formed in 2014 following a spinoff from the Simon Property Group.

Washington Prime operates about 100 malls across the country, but the months since the company emerged from bankruptcy have seen its property portfolio decrease. Washington Prime filed for bankruptcy on June 13, 2021. Many of its properties were already weakened as consumers began shopping more online and less in brick-and-mortar stores.

There was another seven-digit sale during this time period. Lawrence and Daryl Spacciapolli sold 373 Fairmount Ave., Lakewood, to JSEK West Seneca, LLC of Elma, NY for $1.3 million. This is the location of the former Larry Spacc Lakewood Resale.

Joseph Spino of Elma is looking to build a Blue Buffalo Car Wash at that address. Site plans submitted to the Lakewood Village Board call for the removal of the building on the property and construction of a new 3,150 square foot facility.


Including the two sales that were over $1 million, there were 28 sales during late September that were $250,000 or higher. Seven sales were in the town of Ellery, including two in the village of Bemus Point; six sales were in the town of Busti, all of which were in the village of Lakewood; four sales were in the town of Chautauqua, two of which were in Chautauqua Institution and one in the village of Mayville; two sales were in the town of Harmony; two sales were in the town of North Harmony; and one sale was in each of the towns of Ripley, Poland, Charlotte, Clymer, Sheridan, Dunkirk and Hanover, which was in the village of Silver Creek. Those sales, excluding the Chautauqua Mall and Larry Spaac Lakewood Resale, are as follows:

¯ 14 South Lake Drive Condominium, Chautauqua Institution sold for $967,650.

¯ 4422 Lakeside Drive, Ellery sold for $950,000.

¯ 119 Sea Lion Drive, Mayville, sold for $803,500.

¯ 37 Marina Dr., Ellery sold for $710,000.

¯ 6471 Sandalwood Lane, Chautauqua town sold for $670,000.

¯ 126 Chautauqua Escapes, North Harmony sold for $575,000.

¯ 9 Grove Ave., Bemus Point sold for $550,000.

¯ 27 Scott Ave., Chautauqua Institution sold for $489,000.

¯ 4560 Sunrise Drive, Ellery sold for $466,000.

¯ 97 W. Summit St., Lakewood sold for $430,000.

¯ 4736 Chautauqua Ave., Ellery sold for $400,000.

¯ Property on Route 20, Ripley sold for $350,000.

¯ 3293 Sprague Hill Road, Poland sold for $350,000.

¯ 8 Gifford Ave., Lakewood sold for $330,000.

¯ Unit Number III-12, Packard Estates Condominium III in Lakewood sold for $329,000.

¯ 8562 E. Main St., Clymer sold for $325,000.

¯ 3711 Pleasant Avenue, Ellery sold for $315,000.

¯ 3492 Mason St., North Harmony sold for $309,000.

¯ 16 Buffalo St., Silver Creek, sold for $300,000.

¯ 33 Pennsylvania Ave., Lakewood sold for $295,000.

¯ 3 Hoag Road, Ashville, town of Harmony sold for $270,000.

¯ Property on Swanson Road, Charlotte sold for $270,000.

¯ 4950 Main St., Ellery sold for $268,000.

¯ 10559 Farmlane Road, Dunkirk town sold for $267,500.

¯ 1244 Swede Road, Ashville, town of Harmony, sold for $259,000.

¯ 1835 Route 5, Sheridan sold for $250,000.

In total, there were 256 transactions from Sept. 16-30, with 140 of them over $1. The full list of sales over $1 is as follows:

SEPT. 16

Weinberg Revocable Trust No. 1 of Williamsville sold Lot 29, 14 South Lake Drive Condominium, Chautauqua Institution, town of Chautauqua, to Chana Holdings 2, LLC of Toledo, Ohio, for $967,650.

Michael and Esther Luce sold 97 W. Summit St., Lakewood, to Jonathan and Myra Blasius for $430,000.

Bonny Milliner sold 16 E. Third St., Lakewood to Brian Rice for $133,000.

Alexa Nordlund sold 9695 Rt. 60, Pomfret to Catherine Palmer for $159,000.

Lou Galambos sold 20 Elm Lane Home B5, Chautauqua town to Thomas Wilson for $1,500.

Michael Bernet sold 1203 Edgewater Drive Unit 3, Edgewater Recreation Condominium, Westfield to Michael and Esther Luce for $177,000.

James Kiantos Jr. and Robert Kiantos sold 154 Indiana Ave., Jamestown to Michael IV and Stephanie Corrigan for $67,000.

Dawn Lai sold 4560 Sunrise Drive, Ellery to Christopher and Joanne Pembridge for $466,000.

Jessica Carreras sold 2085 King Road, Sheridan to Jason Conrad for $240,000.

Murl and Heather Kinal sold 4736 Chautauqua Ave., Ellery to Jackson and Kathryn Graham for $400,000.

Marcel Madonia sold 205 E. Falconer St., Falconer to Joshua Roth for $128,000.

Robert and Karen Davis sold property on Chautauqua Street, Fredonia to WNY Custom Homes, LLC of Dunkirk for $27,000.

Carol Ann Best sold 14 Billsboro St., Westfield to Michael and Ashlee Paternosh for $162,000.

Todd and Cynthia Raskin sold 9 Grove Ave., Bemus Point to David and Brian Bogner for $550,000.

Paul Paris sold 20 Elm Lane Home C4, Chautauqua to Thomas Wilson II for $12,000.

Gregory and Moria Sherlock sold 264 Lister Ave., Falconer to Sowrey Excelsior Enterprises, LLC of Jamestown for $22,000.

Zachary Haller sold 234 Shadyside Road, Lakewood to Alexander Erhard for $117,660.

Francis Jr. and Donna Sausen sold 114 Chautauqua Escapes, Ashville, town of North Harmony, for $325,000.

SEPT. 19-23

PNC Bank National Association of Pittsburgh, Pa. sold 6452 W. Main Road, Portland to Jason Genberg for $26,000.

Desmond Rentals LLC of Lakewood sold 212 Front St., Jamestown to Pro Access Solutions, Inc. of Apex North Carolina for $137,500.

The executors of the Last Will and Testament of Mary Ellen Ganey sold 65 Leming St., Dunkirk to Liv Kfoury for $140,000.

A trustee for Robert Kubera sold 317 Lake Shore Drive East, Dunkirk to Jared Miernik for $13,000.

Thomas and Bernadette Zachary sold 8219 Woodlawn Drive, Westfield to Gaylynn and Harold Neal for $195,000.

Nancy Heintzelman and Cynthia Basile sold 3751 Baker St., Busti to Elizabeth Vecht for $190,000.

Raymond and Maria Taylor sold 3745 Baker St. Extension, Busti to James and Daphine Cianciola for $220,000.

Bunce Nine Acres, LLC of Fairport, NY sold 1322 Shadyside Road, Busti to John Rogowski for $35,000.

The executrix of estate of Esther Smith sold 86 W. Fifth St., Dunkirk to Benedicto Jimenez for $26,000.

Trustees of the Blake Family 2020 Revocable Trust Agreement sold 20 Elm Lane C4, Chautauqua town to Brian Arbuckle and Stephanie Richards for $12,100.

Anthony and Dawn Houle sold 16 Buffalo St., Silver Creek, to Kristin Margaret Hall for $300,000.

Laurie Sorg sold 190 S. Hanford Ave., Ellicott to Nathaniel Hlad for $120,000.

Robert Schneider sold 3035 Route 394, North Harmony to Nathan Crookshank and Kyler Thompson for $179,000.

Danny and Deborah Threlkeld sold 22 Ward Ave., Silver Creek to Thomas Elwell for $30,000.

Carol Britt sold 2265 King Road, Sheridan to Jason Merritt and Laura Davison for $128,000.

William Clyde sold 125 West Fourth St., Dunkirk to Devin Kaufman for $94,000.

Chautauqua Mall LLC of Columbus, Ohio sold 318 East Fairmount Ave., Lakewood, to Chautauqua Mall Realty Holdings, LLC of Great Neck, NY for $6 million.

A referee for Dennis Cash Jr. and Cassandra Blake sold 9 Old Mill Road, Brocton for $48,459.

Casie Packard sold 45 Hickory St. and property on Shaw Ave. Jamestown to Luke Harrison for $45,000, 24 Martin Road, Jamestown for $58,000, and 37 Walnut St., Jamestown for $55,000.

A trustee of the Charles A. Guzy and Nancy J. Guzy Irrevocable Living Trust sold 126 Chautauqua Escapes, North Harmony to Francis Jr., Francis III and Deborah Wells for $575,000.

The administrator of the Estate of Daniel A. Dye Jr. sold 102 Hedges Ave., Jamestown to Woodlawn Management NY LLC of Schenectady, NY for $30,000.

Jeanne Green sold property on Robinson Street, Silver Creek to Ewald Bacher for $8,750.

Bryan Caflisch sold property on Caflisch Road, Clymer to Daniel Caflisch for $5,500.

Wendy McKotch sold 2 W. Lake St., Celoron to Georgina and Michael Shima for $33,500.

David and Christina Eliason sold property on Shadyside Road, Mina to Barbara and Richard Fuhrmeister for $1,000.

L.E. Properties, LLC of Frewsburg sold 25 West Main St., Frewsburg, town of Carroll, to Prestige Property Rentals, LLC of Aurora, Colorado for $120,000.

A referee for Barbara Szwejbka sold 117 S. Beagle St., Dunkirk to Buff Real LLC of Buffalo with Midfirst Bank for $24,841.

John and Karen Sipe sold 1139 Hagerdon Road, Ellington to Anna and Michael Powell for $100,000.

John Greenwood sold 168 E. Terrace Ave., Busti to Sandra Walentynowicz for $160,000.

R. Mark Chandley sold 5430 Cobbs Landing, Dewittville, town of Chautauqua, to Joseph and Charles Frazier for $100,000.

Patricia Keifer sold 82 Dearborn St., Jamestown to Debra Maldonado for $80,000.

Trustees of the Jennifer Wood Supplemental Needs Trust sold 34 Albany Ave., Dunkirk to Luke Eckstrom for $136,900.

A referee for Andrew W. Hill sold 982 Wheelock Road, Portland, to M&T Bank of Buffalo for $129,000.

Walter Schultz sold 8 Gifford Ave., Lakewood, to John Mariano for $330,000.

Trustees of the Vincent J. Copola and Rosemary L. Coppola Irrevocable Trust sold 6471 Sandalwood Lane, Chautauqua town to Mark Salamone for $670,000.

Dennis Fiegl sold 40 Stanislaus Ave. and property on St. Hedwigs Ave., Dunkirk to Willie Clyde for $137,000.

Salvatore and Theresa Alessi sold 5091 Madden Road, Harmony to James and Teena Chau for $41,500.

Robert Frank sold 8067 Hall Road, Arkwright to Jason Johnson for $100,000.

Amber Littlefield sold 30 Anderson St., Jamestown to Jordan Bailey for $101,000.

Larry and Barbara Broich sold Unit Number III-12, Packard Estates Condominium III in Lakewood to Robert Cusimano for $329,000.

Robert Danielson sold property in Ellery to Erik Danielson for $60,000.

Eugene and Rose Marie Hilliker sold 21 E. Lucas Ave., Dunkirk to Kristine Noel for $69,000.

Deborah and Mark Johnson sold 877 Busti-Sugar Grove Road, Busti to Brody Nolan for $85,000.

Ryan Sweeney sold 84 Durant Ave., Jamestown to Graeme Laidlaw and Greg Emery for $75,000.

Mark Strong, Terry Strong and Melody Carnes sold 25 Railroad Ave., Frewsburg, town of Carroll, for $100,700.

Jay and Kelly Holmquist sold 225 Weeks St., Jamestown to Pro Access Solutions Inc. of Apex, North Carolina for $79,900.

Christopher Boutelle sold 37 Maple St., Jamestown to Pro Access Solutions Inc. for $84,000.

Kathy Crowell and Tyler Heslink sold 9299 Brownell Road, French Creek to Tyler Heslink for $82,000.

Brian Madison and Kristy Drake sold 35 W. Mosher St., Falconer to Jeffrey Drake for $99,000.

Ivory Independent Baptist Church sold property on Harrington Road and Route 62, town of Carroll to Laverine Anderson for $5,000.

Richard Rolls sold 1064 W. Route 394, Poland to Anthony Genco Jr. for $5,000.

Wesley Danielson sold 3858 Bellview Road, Ellery to Kim and Lucinda Minnier for $60,000.

Dale Cornell sold 10332 Alleghany Road, Hanover to Tyler Tulipane for $168,000.

Mose and Emma Byler sold property on Wilson Hollow Road, Ellicott to Gail Johnson for $1,500.

Darren Buck sold 7540 East Route 20, Westfield to Warren Property Holdings LLC of Jamestown for $155,000.

Nicholas Lyman sold 10658 South Roberts Road, Sheridan to John Karlstrom for $120,000.

Kim Munch sold 1835 Route 5, Sheridan to Janesa Osieja for $250,000.

Jesse Hallett sold 123 Barker St., Jamestown to Eric and Halie Krueger for $105,000.

Ellen Litwicki sold 26 Ahrens Place, Fredonia to John and Michele Yorke for $174,000.

Thomas and Betsy White sold 10384 Prospect Road, Hanover to David and Heather Marello for $180,000.

Steven and Linda Ahlstedt sold 3492 Mason St., North Harmony to Thomas and Kristin Lindquist for $309,000.

Mark Munson and Soncha Shaver sold 60 Hanover St., Silver Creek to Carol Fridmann for $125,000.

John and Nancy Riffel sold property on Route 5, Portland to Robert and Sharen Kufner for $216,000.

SEPT. 26-30

Timothy M. Johnson sold 3502 N. Main St. Extension, Ellicott to Michelle Domenici for $169,000.

Ardell Wagner and Richard Cannici sold 7892 Plank Road, Cherry Creek to Craig and Kelly Kacalski for $125,000.

Kathleen Gooch sold 1244 Swede Road, Ashville, town of Harmony, to Jason and Nicole Richardson for $259,000.

Levi and Clara Shetler sold 3 Hoag Road, Ashville, town of Harmony, to Bennie and Mary Shetler for $270,000.

Sanmar Woodlands, LLC of North East, Pa. sold property on Swanson Road, Charlotte to Joel Reinford for $270,000.

Ralph and Mary Gugar sold 112 Kajesude Ave. Ellicott to Kenneth and Kristen Warren for $60,000.

Russell and Brenda Mancuso sold 55 Hamlet St., Fredonia to Brian and Juliann Brewster for $168,500.

John F. Omara sold 3711 Pleasant Avenue, Ellery to Kasey Killeen and Mackenzie Doyle for $315,000.

Ammon and Lydia Hershberger sold property on Mile Strip Road, Villenova to Dennis Bruner for $43,500.

Rick and Donna Burnham sold property on Route 20, Ripley to Knight Family, LLC of Ripley for $350,000.

Nan Pituch sold property on Rt. 20, Ripley to Joanna and Robert Head for $124,900.

Robert and Jennifer George sold 14B Prospect St., Forestville, town of Hanover, to Russell Jr. and Brenda Mancuso for $159,900.

Michael Mikita and Jessica Jankowiak-Mikita sold property on Frew Run Road, Frewsburg, town of Carroll, to Dale Cornell Jr. for $191,500.

Jon and Jane Babcock sold 8562 E. Main St., Clymer to Reuben Jr. and Lorena Hostetler for $325,000.

Michael Brezner sold property on Falconer Street, Jamestown to TBT Holdings, LLC of Ashville for $96,000 and property on Hallock Street, Jamestown for $83,000.

Nancy Willcox sold Unit No. 3-C, Longfellow Condominium, Chautauqua Institution, town of Chautauqua, to Kathleen Campbell for $195,000.

Michael Brezner sold 28 Hall Ave., Jamestown to TBT Holdings, LLC of Ashville for $105,000 and 148 McKinley Ave., Jamestown for $79,000.

Craig Hopkins sold 328 Temple St., Fredonia to Kravitz Properties, LLC of Fredonia for $138,000.

C. R. Benchley sold 6128 Webster Road, Portland to Travis Wright for $40,000.

Sarah Saullo sold property on Westminster Drive, Ellicott to Geovanny and Flor Julissa Moya for $25,000.

The estate of Robert Penharlow sold 10559 Farmlane Road, Dunkirk town to Leonard Jr. and Carole Faulk for $267,500.

Richard Miles sold 114A Chautauqua Escapes, North Harmony to Ryan and Heather Holland for $200,000.

Chase Darling sold 33 Pennsylvania Ave., Lakewood, to Timothy and Ann LaFond for $295,000.

Brian Devine and Craig Acklin sold 2092 South Maple Ave., North Harmony to David and Carrie Munsee for $87,531.

Ella Pollier sold 27 Scott Ave., Chautauqua Institution, town of Chautauqua, to Mitchell and Kristen Rogers for $489,000.

Michael and Colleen Borzon sold 3570 Lake St., Ellicott, to GLA Properties, LLC, of Windermere, Fla., for $155,000.

Loretta Hernandez sold 467 Franklin St., Hanover to David Montroy for $89,900.

Matthew Daley sold 6827 Rocky Glen Road, Stockton to Daniel Pitrola, Tanya Fibich and Kathleen Pitrola for $165,000.

The administrator of the estate of Richard E. Ecklund sold 3560 Railroad Drive, Ellicott to David Ahlquist for $13,000.

Deborah Castiglione sold 19 Glenview Ave., Jamestown to GLA Properties, LLC of Windermere, Fla. For $85,000.

Imagine! Of Bemus Point, LLC of Bemus Point sold 4950 Main St., Ellery to Elisabeth A. Hall, ESQ, LLC of Bemus Point for $268,000.

Edgar III and Barbara Huber sold 119 Sea Lion Drive, Mayville, to Thomas and Patricia Carlini for $803,500.

Nathan Nobles sold 14 Orchard St., Fredonia to Jessica Weatherlow for $117,000.

A trustee with the Mark L. Bargar Revocable Trust sold Condominium Unit F-5, Chautauqua Lake Estates to Suzanne Evans, Robert Evans Jr. and Tracy Evans-Land for $173,000.

Thomas and Martha Bascom sold 4909 Demmings Road, Harmony to McKenzie Maloy for $145,000.

Doris Schultz sold 483 Frew Run Road, Frewsburg, town of Carroll, to Gary and Peggy Andrews for $53,000.

Lisa Offhaus sold 11 East Whallon St., Mayville, to Duane and Roberta Flowers for $152,000.

Deerview, LLC of Jamestown sold 4422 Lakeside Drive, Ellery to Christopher Laury and Michael Baronich for $950,000.

Susan Bentz and Arthur Witkowski sold 7249 Housington Road, Cherry Creek to Ronald Schultz for $45,000.

Emery III and Natalie Pierce sold 3293 Sprague Hill Road, Poland, to Angelique Lipari for $350,000.

Anthony Dloniak sold 301 Dove St., 58 N. Beagle St., 66 Kosciuszko St., and 535 Deer St., Dunkirk to B Grabias, LLC of Dunkirk for $100,000.

Tanisha Thayer sold 52 McKinley Ave., Jamestown to Phillip Clark for $1,500.

Joan Schermerhorn sold 8288 W. Lake Road, Westfield to Andrew Keddie and Paula Sculimbrene for $220,000.

Robert and Barbara Pearson sold Home No. 8029, Northgate II Condominium, French Creek to Todd and Ciji Vandyke for $248,029.

Lawrence and Daryl Spacciapolli sold 373 Fairmount Ave., Lakewood, to JSEK West Seneca, LLC of Elma, NY for $1.3 million.

Raymond Kaczar sold 6906 Route 60, Charlotte to Ann Estok for $150,000.

This Ones For The Boys LLC of Buffalo sold 748 Main St., Dunkirk to Evan Englehart and Mariana Trejo for $65,000.

The executrix of the Last Will and Testament of Paul R. Genco sold 82 Cole Ave., Jamestown to Debra Maldonado and Daniel Garcia for $50,000.

Christopher Gullotti sold 9 Myers Ave., Jamestown to Abdulla Abuhamra for $25,000.

John and Marlene Roth sold 1818 Swede Road, Ashville, town of Harmony to David and Kristina Fink for $225,000.

Christopher Robinson sold 59 W. Third St., Dunkirk to Stanley and Alycia Martucci for $1,200.

Aida Gonzalez sold 536 Park Ave., Dunkirk to Rivera Edwin Batista for $75,000.

The executors of the Last Will and Testament of Philip Bochman sold 1796 Park St. Extension, Busti to Douglas Schutte for $220,000.

Jeffrey and Mary Burt sold 148 Bowen St., Jamestown to Brett Morse and Christine Herfurth for $85,000.

TMA Holdings, LLC sold 106 N. Work St., Ellicott to Hartson Holdings, LLC of Kennedy for $52,000.

Aaron Miller sold 21 Kenmore Ave., Jamestown to Mark Bittler for $84,800.

Chautauqua, LLC of Stow sold 3740 Lakeland Ave., Stow, town of North Harmony, to Kauffmans Real Estate, LLC of Reedsville, Pa. for $600,000.

Timothy and Rhonda Arnold sold 150 Chestnut St., Westfield to James and Shari Tennies for $189,900.

Toni Haag sold 37 Marina Dr., Ellery to James and Shelley Spain for $710,000.


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