Fee hikes, website set for village park

Fredonia’s Russell Joy Park is set to get a new website — but it’s also getting higher fees.

All pavilion rental fees will be increased by $20. Mayor Douglas Essek noted at a Board of Trustees meeting last month that the fees haven’t gone up for about 20 years, so that represents about a $1 per year.

Matt Linder is working on the park website for the village and showed a prototype at the trustees meeting.

“Keep in mind the design of the site isn’t very important at the moment. It can be changed very easily. It’s more about the functionality,” he said.

The site had only three links: the home page, a list of pricing to reserve pavilions and a place to book pavilions.

Russell Joy Park pavilion rentals are cheaper for village residents than for everyone else. Essek wondered if the website would have a way to stop non-residents from getting the lower price.

“Very easily we can implement a feature where someone were to check applications and confirm them by entering data,” Linder said.

A little later, Treasurer Erlyssa LeBeau asked where credit card information used on the site would go after a payment was made.

“The credit card numbers and information is never saved. It essentially just goes away as soon as you quick-pay. But the registration is kept in a separate database,” Linder said.

“I think people have been wanting this for a long time,” Essek said of the website. He later added, “It seems like the small little issues can be ironed out quickly and we can get this up and running soon.”

He said not only will the site benefit local residents with a “simpler and easier process,” it will help Village Hall too, as they won’t “have to man a book on a daily basis with an employee.”

Fredonia Recreation Department Director Kayla Sullivan has resigned since the Russell Joy Park business came up. Trustee Jon Espersen told the OBSERVER that her resignation will not affect the fees or the website, as decisions were in place to move on those before she gave her notice.


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