City teen’s comic to be weekly feature

Caleb Spell

A new comic will appear in the Weekend Life section each week by a local resident.

Caleb Spell, creator of Little Mice comics is a 13-year-old homeschool student and resident of Dunkirk. Son of Jim and Grace Spell, Caleb is the oldest of four siblings and has loved comics ever since he was first introduced to Mutts by Patrick McDonnell around age 8.

He started drawing his own comic strip, “Little Mice” during the pandemic and has been faithfully drawing one every day, with a colored comic on Sundays, ever since. He currently has hundreds of comic strips drawn illustrating three mice brothers and their furry friends in a variety of humorous situations.

Over the years Caleb has enjoyed reading lots of books on the history of comics learning about strips such as Buster Brown and Krazy Kat as well as reading lots of comics by Davis, Watterson, and Schulz.

When Caleb isn’t reading comic books or drawing his latest strip, you’ll find him reading, writing short stories, or causing mischief with his siblings.

His family says, “He hopes that you enjoy his comics as much as he enjoys making them.”

His first comic appears today on Page D6.


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