Alleged ‘meth house’ near school worries residents

MAYVILLE — Some local residents are calling on town officials to find creative ways to shut down an alleged drug house.

During a recent meeting of the Chautauqua Town Board, a resident claims there is a “meth house” on Beaujean Road. She alleged that people use illegal drugs, but police haven’t been able to shut it down.

She asked if the town government can do something if they’re violating town codes.

The woman said upwards of 30 people have been camping on one acre of land and says there are buildings on the property that don’t meet code.

She also expressed concerns about the sewage and water. “He also burns toxic material,” she added.

The resident said she has talked to the Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Environmental Conservation as well.

Town Supervisor Don Emhardt said the Sheriff’s Office has made multiple visits there and doesn’t know why they haven’t addressed the issues.

The woman responded, saying there have been arrests; however, that they were released because of the state’s bail reform laws. “They were right back there doing drugs and other things,” she alleged.

Another resident said needles and stolen items have been recovered on the school grounds. “Somebody is going to have to step up of the pace and do something about this problem,” he said.

The woman said police have told her that code enforcement is another option to getting the property shut down.

Town attorney Joel Seachrist said he will seek the body cam footage that was recorded by the Sheriff’s Office during one of the police visits. He said code violations generally take a lot longer to address, but said he would look into it.

“The town (of Chautauqua) can do something about a dilapidated structure but we don’t have much control about what people do. If there are criminal acts, they should be reported to the police,” he said.

Seachrist said he would file a Freedom Of Information Request for the body cam footage and provide it to the town’s Code Enforcement Office to see if they believe codes are being violated and explore what options the town can take.


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