Silver Creek residents share Buffalo Street concerns

OBSERVER Photos by Braden Carmen Silver Creek resident Paul Bogosian spoke on road quality concerns of Buffalo Street at a recent meeting of the Village Board.

SILVER CREEK — A group of four residents from Buffalo Street in the Village of Silver Creek raised concerns they have with the condition of the road at a recent Village Board meeting.

Warren Kelly was the first resident to speak on the matter. “I guess what we’re here for tonight is to let you know that we are concerned with the condition of Buffalo Street – the road, the pavement, the drains, and the curbs,” Kelly said. “We’re not here to demand you do something right away, we understand that takes time. … But we know that it needs to be done right when it’s done.”

Silver Creek Mayor Jeff Hornburg responded to Kelly’s comments, “It is on our agenda. It never was on our agenda for this year. … We’ve looked into Buffalo Street, as far as breaking the surface.”

Hornburg noted village Trustee Bill Barnes will assist with evaluating the street and possible avenues for improvement.

“Our intentions when we first addressed it were to do all of Buffalo Street, from Howard Street to the village line, but then when we got the preliminary estimates, it was in the half-million dollar range,” Hornburg said. “… We do have it on the agenda, but I don’t know if we can have enough money by next year to do the whole project. We are going to start a contingency fund for Buffalo Street. Once we get our audit back for this year, I will know how much we have as far as reserves that we can put in there to start the ball rolling.”

The Village Board also entertained suggestions, including a microsurface similar to one used on Route 5. Buffalo Street resident Paul Bogosian also raised drainage issues on the street and parking issues, amplified by the implementation of curbs.

“The ideas you brought up are pretty much what we’re looking at doing too,” Hornburg said to the residents in attendance.


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